Hey Ho, here we go .......

Hi All.

Well, I have to say that I have been hooked on this forum for the last three weeks(since diagnosis), its frightened the life out of me, made me laugh and made me cry , well now its my turn !

Whilst the last 3 weeks have felt like an eternity, today my treatment finally begins.
My consultant has agreed to chemo first, rather then the masectomy that was originally planned…is it a phew???
I have the first of four apptments this morning until round one on Friday. I have printed off a top tips page …thank you to whoever started that forum, cut my hair very short and am sort of good to go!!.
I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a tad scared of what I am letting myself in for. However am determined that it is going to disrupt my lifestyle as little as possible. As a runner I had booked to run the Brighton Marathon in April, my first one. This BC diagnosis has seriously interupted my plans, everyone is saying that I will not be able to train and perhaps am being optimistic, well to those people…you just watch me !!
Any other runners, please help me to prove them wrong !!!
If anyone has any other tips for me, they will be gratefully received!!! Wish me luck and good luck to you x

Good luck veggie with your treatment 2day i did chemo before my opperation just waiting to see how it went go on thurs it seems we are all on the waiting game one thing or another take care

Thank you Elaine.

20 mins to my appointment and they rang and cancelled it !!, so I still have to go in again this pm for something else, now 4 out of 5 days this week are taken up with hospital appointments …aaah !

Good luck for Thursday.


Good luck, Veggie. I know the feeling of a ‘diary full of health-care appointments’ - times were when my diary was full of parties and exciting days out. Don’t worry, the time will whizz by and you will feel so much better knowing you are fighting the ‘beast’.

Best wishes,


Hi Veggie,
Just to wish you good luck with your treatment. The waiting is the worst bit (well one of the worst bits) it’s a bit like jumping off a cliff - for me the thought was worse than the treatment -hope it;'s the same for you. Are you being treated at Brighton ( I see thats where you ARE doing the marathon) I was treated there and was generally pleased with the ‘team’ i had.

Sorry bout the cancelation dont you just hate that you get yourself focused on what you have to do then one call changes everything

Day 1 of appointments done!
Mmm, went through the op arrangements for the porta cath, the negatives and eh…hear this some positives of Chemo!, had a pregnancy test …loud cough… ( standard practice so I am told !!)and no I am not ! and more importantly received my list of dates for chemo, so that I can plan my running schedule …ye ha

Hi Caroline: I am being treated at Goring Hall, my radiotherapy will be in Brighton though and your right the worst bit is the waiting around. Thats what caused the anxiety, chocolate eating and manic mood swings !!

Hi Alex…parties what are they !!!

Elaine : yep your right its so frustrating, it has already meant changes to my keep fit routines !

I hope that you all had a good day too, and are feeling upbeat regardless of your situation.