Hey! Took me a while but I found my life again! You will too, stick in there!

Ok, so my story is -  one day, I noticed that my right nipple was leaning over to the side.  Had it always been like that?..… Nah… I’ll get it checked out… ….  You know the story…. Clinics, scans, biopsies, serious talks, bring your husband with next time… then the confirmation… at first, the words were “of concern”, then “suspicious”… Just give it me straight,  what are we taking about here?  Yeah, I get it… BREAST CANCER…. :slightly_frowning_face:  then MASTECTOMY ??  then…. what?   Is that it?   No, do you want reconstruction?  What do you think about “adjuvant treatment”?  What’s that?  You mean, I get to make a decision?  On what basis….?  

So. Stepped on the rollercoaster…again!  No chemo for me.  I think I’ll have that radiotherapy - three weeks, no problem!  

A few weeks later, I’m done.  Nothing…no-one…no appointments, no cards and flowers, no-one calling round.  I’m sorted….only I’m not, I’m alone and frightened.  Did I just dodge a bullet or is it still stalking me to ambush me at some point in the future?

TWO YEARS ON…… today, I had a whole day to myself in the sun.   Did the usual stuff at first - tidied the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and ironed. Then, the sun shone and I sat in the shade of my apple tree, listened to birds, smelled the scent of the daphne bush, played country music on my iPhone…

and realised that I did this, and I’m still standing.  So,  I smiled to myself and poured a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and sighed….and b r e a t h e d…… I’VE GOT THIS.

Just wanted to share with those who are just starting out on this road.  You’re stronger than you know.  


This so lovely @LaceWing  ? 

Thank you for sharing 

AM xxx

inspirational Lacewing will help so many thank you for sharing :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Very encouraging. Enjoy the garden

Just got diagnosed on Monday, so still reeling. Thank you for taking the time to come back and share this light.


How did you do it? I went to psychiatrist therapist,meds etc. its6 years later and I’m too anxious. Dont want to do anything. Want to run away. I pray deep breath, wake up with big anxiety then walk and in evening I get calmer. Next morning I wake up with bad anxiety. 
yell me how you got there. Took 20 meds