hi agian

hi agian

hi agian well i started a few posts on here but im not to sure where they went lol any way here i go again from scratch .
i had tram flap reconstruction on the 31st january this year i had op on the wed and home for the sunday,and yesterday would of been my 7th week and i doing fine ,so every one who answered my post before about my op just to let u know im doing just great,
i got a nice flat tummy and a new boob and im happy as larry ok take care all


Hi Angel,
Glad to hear you’re fine! You sound so positive and I’m really pleased to hear that everything has gone well for you.
Take care and keep us posted!

hi beth thanxs for ur post ,well im doing fine and sitting here nice and slim ,and a new boob lol and im so glad i did it things can only get better now as far as i am concerend lol maybe win the lotto eh lol .na i have won the lotto im alive ok take care beth ,god bless.