Hi all New and Very Emotional

Good Evening All
I found a lump about a month ago in my left breast area, thought it may be hormonal so hung over until I had done a full menstrual cycle, no change at all except it has become very irratating. I got an appointment with my gp on Monday who was so lovely and done a breast examination, she said the lump was about 2cm, it was smooth and moveable but she still wanted me to be seen at the breast clinic :frowning: Cue lots of tears and thoughts of the worst kind, I have been told it is a routine apt so could take 6 weeks :frowning: I cant sleep, eat and everytime I play with my babies I am an emotional wreck! I just really need to vent this to someone who will ‘listen’ Thanks xx

So sorry that you are having this worrying time! The waiting time was definitely the worst for me - in fact i was more upset waiting then when i had my BC DX!! Been much more positive since the results oddly! My lo’s are 3 and 4 and i was the same - just looking at them made me well up before the results were back - much better now!

Really hope you get good news! The waiting is definitely the worst!
Marina xx

Hi Belle26,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums where I am sure you will get some good honest support from the many informed users of this site.

To help you along I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication Referral to a breast clinic which I hope you find useful. If you need to talk to someone in confidence before your hospital appointment then the helpline staff are here to support you, calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open M-F 9-5 and Sat 9-2.


Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Routine?!? 6 weeks !?!
Try telling that to your emotions…

best of luck for a good diagnosis - we are here if you need us



Believe it or not, ‘smooth and moveable’ is good - did you GP told you that? Cancer is irregular and certainly not moveable! Fingers crossed it is only a cyst! I know it is difficult not to imagine the worst but not all lumps turn out to be cancer. And even if it does, there are treatments that WORK!

See if you can speed up your appointment somehow - the not knowing is the worst part!


Thank you all so very much for your replies! Yes it was my gp who told me it was smooth and moveable, I am going to call the breast clinic tomorrow and see what the waiting times are etc, I cant concentrate at work and cant stop crying, my boys are my life and I cant imagine not being here for them. So sorry if I sound dramatic but I am so terrified. Thank you all again xx

Don’t apologise - we’ve all been there! It does get easier! xx

Hi Belle26,
I was dx on 6th of december, was told with the breast clinic
they have to see you within 2 weeks. So I think its terrible
You have to wait that long! So you make that phone call and
Get seen earlier.

The waiting and not knowing is the hardest. I’m still really emotional
Just had another op but you have to remember that
A lot of lumps turn out to NOT be cancer. If is
Is you will deal with it but its the waiting that’s
the worst but we are all hear for you.

Hope I’m not repeating myself because I’m on
Tramadol so a bit woozy. But hope you get sorted
Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes
Love Fran x

Hi Belle26, just want to send you my love and tlc, to echo what has been said, yes, the waiting is the worst part, and I read that in the beginning and it really is true, trust me. Just take bite sized steps and dont imagine the worst, it may be a cyst and I know too that is easier said than done and of course your emotions will be all over the place. Do ring your GP/clinic to speed up the appointment, you should not have to wait 6 weeks, please dont wait, its emotional enough as it is and you will find alot of support on here either from the professionals from the website or from other ladies who have gone through the same - you can alway make use of the helpline - number at top of page, and remember the golden rule, no question is a silly question. Keep posting on here, let us know how you go and ask as many questions as you wish, lots of hugs, Silvershar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a GP has referred a patient, then isn’t the pathway for the breast clinic two weeks? I was referred within nine days, my first appointment being last week, results were inconclusive, and have been recalled to the breast clinic, within a week.

I would ask your GP to refer you again, if she thinks you should be seen, all findings in breasts by GP are now to be seen within two weeks, that’s the standard in any area.