Hi all, New member.

Hi all just thought I’d post on here really a little bit worried.
Found a hard lump in the back of my breast towards my chest wall before xmas, I only went to the GP’s Wednesday with it as I was too scared only told my partner Tuesday night so he is not very happy.
My GP refered me to my local area breast services clinic, they’ve just phoned me and my appointment is next Wednesday, only a week since I saw my GP. Is it normal to get an appointment this quick, my breast service only works on Wednesdays too.
The lump is about 2cms in size and really hard, it also doesnt hurt, im really worried as ive read if a lump doesnt hurt it is a bad lump.
Any advise would be appreciated have got butterflies already and havent even gone for my referal yet.

Sorry to see you have posted on this site, but you will find a whole lot of really positive people on here but please try to stay positive and try not to worry! Most breast lumps are benign.
Try not to read too much as you will worry even more.
It is totally normal to get an appt that quick, my clinic only works on Tues and Thurs.
Keep smiling and good luck

Donna xx

Just to back up what Donna said, most lumps are not cancer, so don’t read anything into having an appointment soon. At least this will cut down the time for worrying.

Good luck,



So sorry that you have found yourself here.

Please don’t worry as once referred to a BCC they have to see you within 2 weeks (fast track service).

Most lumps do actually turn out to be nothing more than cysts, fatty tissue ect although I appreciate the worry that you are going through & the waiting is torture.

I hope all goes well for you on Wednesday & will keep everything crossed for you, in the meantime come on here to chat or give he BCC line a call.

Try not to read too much pre appointment as everyone’s lumps/symptoms present in different ways & as i have said, not all urn out to be bad.

Take Care

Sarah. xx

Fingers crossed that you will be able to rip up the application form for this particular club xx

Hi Jennie

I echo what the others say. You will probably find it useful to give the helpline a ring, and also look at some of the publications in the “Worried” section of the Media centre (click on the link at the top of the page).

Another helpful bit of advice is to avoid random googling as there’s a lot of sensationalist, out-of-date or just plain wrong information out there, so stick to reputable UK-based sites such as this one (lots of useful stuff on here), Macmillan, Cancer Research etc.

But MOST LUMPS REFERRED TO CLINICS ARE BENIGN. I know you’re probably climbing the walls but you have our sympathies as we’ve all been in the waiting room ourselves, some of us quite a few times.

Good luck, and please come back and let us know how you get on.