Hi all

Hi sisters
I am a man who was diagnosed with BC back in 2012 , I was wondering if there are any other men on this wonderful forum?
Love peace and a bottle of rum 

Hi @The Plumarade  

A VERY WARM Welcome to you.

There is another gentleman who posted recently. I don’t know if you came across his post?

Nope, I can’t find it, now. I’ve checked back through other posts now to 10th. 04, and can’t remember which area/section/board it was in either. If I do, I’ll let you know. That’s if I can then find “yours” again!! 

Anyway, How are you getting on, lovey?? Ps. Can you make mine an Irish whiskey please? Thanks - “Cheers”

Lots of love to you, Delly  xx 

I was thinking about how tough it would be to get breast cancer as a man and see so many women in the waiting rooms but a lot of surgeons and oncologists are male. I think about 300 men are diagnosed per year