hi all

Hi everyone, i’m 24 yr’s old and 8 days ago i found a lump in my right breast, it is hard and has a rough surface sort of indented, i know my breasts like the back of my hand as my mum had breast cancer 11 yrs ago (she was 33) so i have been brought up to check my breasts. i am used to feeling some lumps but this one threw me i knew as soon as i felt it that something is wrong i went to the dr this monday and he referred me to the breast clinic. i got the appointment through today its on 1st of march that date cant come soon enough im going out of my head with worry but some part of me already knows the answer does that make sense? did any of you just know?

anyway thats it for now

Hi Dawnie,

Your post is slowing getting lost in today’s posts so I thought I’d bump it for you.

As ‘they’ all say, you are the only one who really knows your breasts so as you’ve found something you’re not happy with you are so right to get it checked out.

The waiting is deffo the pits (I wasn’t too bad as I had Christmas to take my mind off it a bit) - if it’s suitable for you, have you considered asking to be contacted for any cancellation appointments (you never know).

Good luck xx Chris xx

Hi Dawnie

Just bumping this up for you, the site has been busy today.

But there is still a good chance that you will have found something that is NOT sinister. That said, we all share the horrors of The Waiting Room, and I hope you get good results very quickly.

Please come back and tell us, and even if it’s bad news there will be others on here who can help you through difficult times.

Good luck


Most lumps are not cancer, but some non-cancerous lumps may still benefit from treatment, so you have done the right thing. I’m afraid it’s quite normal to have to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment at a clinic. I can only suggest that you try to keep busy and give yourself other things to think about. It’s impossible not to worry at all, we all get dreadfully worried and scared and your mother’s experience must add to your fears.


Just remember when you are sitting in the waiting room that only one in ten lumps seen are diagnosed as cancer. However, if that one is you, as it was for all of us, it will be dealt with. Well done for going so quickly to the GP. I had to wait 2 weeks for the breast clinic and it felt like a lifetime. I was lucky enough to go to a one stop breast clinic where you get your results the same day. I don’t think I could coped with any more waiting around. Keeping everything crossed that you get a good result! x

thanks everyone, its the weekends that are the hardest as i am manager of a day nursery so the week is busy enough. trying to find things to do at the weekend is tough as i don’t go out much etc.

Hi Dawnie823

Any news?? Hope you’re ok.

mummy29 x

Hi Dawnie
i am 17 years old and when i first found my lump 11 months ago i completely panicked, especially since i am so young, and you are too!
as i was told most lumps aren’t cancerous, especially at such a young age, but i understand you being very worried since your mum had it!
i would just advise you to be completely assured, because i only found out a few days ago my lump was cancerous after 11 months of being assured it wasn’t cancerous! not trying to scare you but it’s best to be completely sure!
i wish you all the best and hope it isn’t cancer

ellie x