Hi All

Hi All

Hi All Its quite a while since i posted, but still read, is there any one out there
who, can help me.
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 1998, then Bone-Mets 1999, have been very well, for the last 6-7yrs, but January, have found out the Breast Cancer has gone to my Pancreas, another Met !.

Have had more radium treatment & a stent put in my stomach, has this happened to any one on here?, still feeling ok, apart from a cough, any feed back would be welcome, my Onc says its quite rare for this to happen.
Lucyann x

Hello Lucyann, I am so sorry to hear about your progression.
Have you tried the search facility on www.bcmets.org ? It might be worth a look?
Glad you are still feeling okay…it’s always such a nice surprise to see your name here. I hope the radium treatment and stent have worked well for you. Love Belinda…xx

To Belinda Hi, Thank you for information, will deffinently look. need to know what this progression involves, my Onc, is brilliant, but because i dont follow the norm diagnosis, he says, will continue to treat me, as and when !! another change happens…
Hope you are well, havent had the chance to read your latest posts, but will catch up with ever-one soon.
Lucyann x

Same here - sort of Hi Lucyann. I was diagnosed BC in 2004 and then found out last year that it had spread to my spine and also to an area near my bile duct. It’s the bit where the drainage pipes lead from the liver, pancreas and kidneys (I think!). I too had a stent put in and a course of radiotherapy. It’s gone quite well as the tumour has all but gone. I had the stent replaced recently as it should only stay in for about 6 months or so. No side effects really but I did get an infection a few months after it was put in. Let me know how you get on with yours…

Hi Wendycrackers Thanks for your reply, did you have any further symptons that needed the stent replaced ?, or did your onc advise it.
No one has even mentioned to me the possibility, that i after 6 months it should be replaced!!
Apart from the radium treatment & regular blood tests,i have not been told wether any change in my tumour has occured . All my Onc said on my last check-up was, that all was well as i would have been a lot iller, if things had changed. so he was pleased with my results… Now i am not so sure, it will be 6 months in July. What kind of infection did you have ?
Sorry its taken a while to answer your post,
Lucyann xx