Hi all

I’m 32 and have been diagnosed with breast cancer! I start chemotherapy on Monday which I’m worried about! I hope it goes well for all you lovely people who are starting and going through it

Hi Filomenapapa, have you joined in on the November 2015 chemo thread? I recommend this as it is people all at a similar stage of treatment to you. In view of your age as well there is also a thread for young women with cancer. I am so sorry you have had to join us in this hard journey. We are all here supporting each other through the good ( yes there are good days ahead) and the hard days. The forums are fantastic for support and don’t be afraid to rant. It is too easy to think your journey should sound like other people’s. All our circumstances are so different apart from this cancer. I will be praying for you and hope Monday goes well. I am sure you have read the chemo tips page. They are tried and tested to help you through. Rest when your body tells you to. Ask for help when you need it. You can do this and we will be here for you. xx

Hola! I’m 40 and going through my 2nd round of chemo, good luck with it!

Hi Filomenapapa sorry you have had to join but it’s a great forum. I am on the November chemo thread I start on Tuesday, we also have a fb page so come say hi! Xx