Hi, anyone in Shropshire

HI,just thought i would start this new post as alot of posts i read there are alot of people from the same area, Im from Shropshire on the border of Cheshire and Wales. I live 20 miles from Chester and 20 miles from Shrewsbury. Had a WLE and node clearance, awaiting all clear to go back to work once can drive again plus have CT scan booked 16 Feb. I have grade 3 cancer and told no further surgery needed but do need the Scan plus Chemo and Rads. cant take it all in and i feel like some time off from this but know its not possible for that. Have been told coped very well but energy running out fast, how do i carry on coping with the unknown, feel like my body been invaded and though anyone conscious of health can eat better etc to change things, how can i now, the cancer has hit me how can i prevent it spreading or coming back. xxxxShar xxx

Had my first FEC couple of weeks ago, now on daily shots of GSCF due to low blood count. Nurse said after my next chemo I will need to have these injections daily for 14 days. Asked why I couldn’t have the neulasta injection, as you only need that once the day after chemo.
I know these injections are expensive, but seems to me it would cost the NHS a lot less money than 14 daily visits from a visiting nurse plus the cost of the injections.
Would love to know if anyone else in Shropshire had neulasta/peg injections on the NHS and any advice on how to get them. I have a needle phobia, so the less injections the better?

Hi shar,dont live near u but just wanted2say i have grade 3 invasive

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