Hi everyone... thanks and general chin wag

Hi everyone, just joined recently, waiting for routine appointment at breast surgery/care centre, just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the support. 

Whats everyone up to today then? 

Not doing much other than chilling but I am feeling happier and optimistic about the future as got good news this morning re my surgery results - they got the lot out and now just have radiotherapy and hormone therapy to “look forward to” :slight_smile:  


What are you up to?  Hope you are coping OK with the waiting?  I bought a book called B is for Breast Cancer and it had this quote by Henry Van Dyke (quite well known as had heard it before) and which I think is very apt for those of us on this roller coaster “Time is too slow for those who wait and too swift for those who fear” 

I’m just sitting pondering what happened at occupational health today they are in a round about way saying I should retire and live stress free.