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Hi my names Ruth ,I’m 41,I have stage 2, grade 3 in breast and nodes,I have just finished my fourth fec,feeling really anxious ,coming uptoo the t part now as feel so weak.how have people coped on the taxotaral cymotheraphy please.

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No experience myself but perhaps you should join the monthly chemo thread in the ‘going through treatment’ section and there you will find lots of other people going through a similar regime.



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Welcome to the forum.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of support here from fellow members.  I’ve attached links to the June and July threads as mentioned by mary32



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Hi Ruth,


Most people I know found Taxotere easier that FEC. But trust me, I was the exception and ended up in hospital with zero neutrophils! The only thing I’ve heard others complain about are aches and pains and peripheral neuropathy. I don’t know anyone who had sickness or nausea. Sending hugs and wishing you well.  

Hi Ruth,  I had stage 2 grade 3 like you.  I had 3 fec and 3 tax.  I had minimal side affects with the fec and any I did have were swiftly dealt with by the medics.  The tax was a different story in that I had terrible aches all over my body and a horrible taste in my mouth.  However I got through it and after the first dose I knew what to expect and readied myself in anticipation.  You will get through it and take all the help you are offered by the medics.  You may have no side affects at all everyone is different and I have read that people who do not so well on fec do very well on tax.  Kind regards

Went through fec and tax 2011. Was very sick with fec but my experience with tax varied each time. 1st time was good for 1st days after then felt tired and weak with daihoria and aches. Was better the next time, still slight aches and tiredness and daihoria but much better. Everyone different. Just rest if you need to. Good luck.