Hi everyone

Hi everyone I have just found out today that I have breast cancer and I thought it would nice to come in here and meet people going through this as well .

I am still getting my head around it and I don’t think it has sunk in completely .

The worst bit I found was telling my kids that is what upset me the most . I am sitting here now and I can’t sleep my head is going hundred miles an hour . It’s so much to take in but I am getting there .

I will be having an operation in the next couple of weeks to remove the lump and gland under my arm and the radiopraphy after . The one question I would like to ask about the radiopraphy is my daughter is pregnant and I was wondering if it is safe for me to go near her while I am having the treatment and if not how long after from when the treatment has finish do I have to stay away from her . Because by the time the treatment will finish it will nearly be Xmas and I just hoping I will be able to see my daughter and my other grandson . I know this might be a silly question but it’s all I can think about at the moment .

Well I’m looking forward to talking with you all

Toni xx

Hi Toni, We are always sorry to have to welcome new members to the forum but a very warm one to you anyway! It’s a roller coaster in the early days of diagnosis and you will feel like your running a hundred miles an hour but this will settle down and things do just become kind of normal again! 

My niece was also pregnant last year while I was having my treatment and as she wanted to come with me every day I asked about the danger to her and was assured it was absolutely fine, you won’t be radioactive during treatment and won’t have to avoid anyone. ? Xx



HelloToni-sue, you are in the best place for help and advice as everyone is just lovely and help with any wories you may have. I have just completed radiotherapy and you are fine to be with people, pegnant or not as you are not actually radioactive. Take good care of yourself and things will settle down. xxxx Mary

Hi Toni and welcome to the friendliest and most supportive place you never wanted to visit! Hand on heart I think I would have crashed completely without the wonderful support here.
If you are having sentinel node biopsy - with radioactive injection, then it maybe worth checking with the oncologist - I think it’s through the system in a very short space of time. Good luck with your journey xx

Hi Toni also diagnosed today still in shock really mine sounds similar to yours from what I’m told today but have to have an mri scan to see if it’s spread (it didn’t show up on mammo etc) it’s been three months of hell but I’m only at the beginning. X

Hi Toni,

Sorry to hear your diagnosis, this was me 3 weeks ago.

I should have been going in tomorrow for my lumpectomy, but it is cancelled until next wednesday, so I am still in limbo hell.  Hoping for margins to be good and only need radiotherapy.