Hi! Frustrated uniboober here.

Hi! I’m a frustrated uniboober waiting endlessly for symmetry/risk reduction surgery. I feel like I will never get out of this waiting stage - waiting for symmetry, waiting for an all clear on the other boob (I hope,) waiting to wear nice clothes, waiting for an end to this whole ordeal (I hope.) I recently realised I may need support as I am driving myself and everyone around me crazy obsessing over when, when, when. 

i was diagnosed with DCIS in late 2020 (cos Covid just wasn’t exciting enough). After lots of biopsies and 2 unsuccessful lumpectomies, I finally got rid of the offending boob in March 2021. I’m not embarrassed about being a uniboober, I don’t wear a prosthesis, I’m very open about my experience. But my remaining boob is a G, and it is driving me insane. 

With that literally off my chest, I’m 49, a wheelchair user, mum to two teen boys. I help run a craft swap group, and I do steampunk (and even have a leather and brass prosthesis.)  Hopefully I can both give and receive help and support here. 

Hi uniboober

Yes I know the feeling !!!

having finished 18months of chemotherapy and right sided mastectomy in June 2021, I had my assessment yesterday (the surgeon called it psychological assessment ) for risk reducing surgery on the left side, I too just want to get the surgery done and get on with my life. :tired_face:

Feel for you. 

I am soon to have lump removal and breast reduction on one side (4 cup sizes smaller) for DCIS.

I’m told I’ll have to wait 6 months for affected breast to settle after radiotherapy as it may change size and shape, before I’m even eligible for matching surgery on the other side. Then there’s the waiting list. 

It already feels like a very long time.

I can relate to the impatience bit, can be very impatient patient hence the choice of a mastectomy over other options…It’s only  a month that I’ve recovered sufficiently to try things out. The silicone prosthesis stay very well in place when I wear one of these pocketed bras to hold it and I look more symmetrical than ever in clothes. I’ve also been happily walking around bra-less but at my age (61) it does feels a bit odd with my remaining boob not being supported (even with a small breast 30D). Wearing a bra without the prosthesis doesn’t feel comfortable with because of the empty floppy bra cup. But there must be pragmatic solutions to this: cutting out the cup in an old bra? Even better cutting out the cup on a strapless bra where straps can be used optionally, and use a **bleep** one side only? Not sure if any of this is feasible but I’ll have some fun trying.

The leather and brass prosthesis sounds amazing as do all your other activities. Just goes to show having to use a wheel chair doesn’t have to hold you back. In your case I can imagine you doing wheelies and being arrested up the high street, but I hope that doesn’t offend you.