Hi I am new

Having a hard time using site hope this goes through can someone please reply

Hi Mommaferg and welcome to the BCC forums, I am sorry you are finding the site tricky, all new users experience a delay when first posting so please don’t worry, you have done it right!

In addition to the support you will soon have here our helpliners are on hand with support, information and a listening ear 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000 so please call to talk any concerns over

Take care


Hi yes you have been heard and seen! Sorry you find yourself in this site but there are lots of ladies who can help with your questions and offer support. You are probably be feeling really scared. At the moment we all understand as we have been where you are at the moment. If you share your diagnosis and your treatment plan you will find other women whoa re going through the shame pathway as you x

Hi there- you will get great support form this site-and the people you will meet will help you through all of this. I am almost finished 18 months of treatment and at the beginning I really could nt imagine that I could do it. I have come here, mainly as a browser butr have made freinds and stay in touch with people who still offer me support-I could’nt have done without their help. The helpline is just fantastic too so don’t hesitate to contact them should you need any questions answered etc-they are brilliant!
There will always be someone on this site who can hold your hand and offer some sound advice.

Thank u for the warm welcome

Hiya, the site is a bit tricky at the moment, but you’ve managed to post so you’re not doing too badly! I’d definitely persevere with posting and reading. When I was diagnosed in march 2010, the site was quite literally a life line for me. I was 36 and feeling massively alone and isolated, but I met lovely ladies on here who I now count as amongst my best friends. I joined a treatment thread of ladies going through chemo at the same time as me (I was a week or two ahead of most of them so we decided I was the advance reconnaisance force…) and I met other ladies my own age who I still talk to daily, and i arranged a meet up of local ladies too. All these were my main support through such a horrible time, and all that support came from here. The forum does have problems which BCC are aware of and are working hard to rectify, but the users are still just as knowledgable, supportive and friendly as ever. Don’t be too scared at the negative/worrying stuff you read, remember that most people who are posting are doing so because they need support NOW, the ones who have come out the other side or who aren’t suffering too much are off enjoying their lives outside of cancer-ville. Xxx

hi mommaferg
i’m new to all this too but i have already found benefit from reading and chatting with the other ladies here so do keep popping on to have a look, it really does help. welcome. x

Thank you so much some days I feel so ugly an loney even though my hair is coming back I just yucky my brain still gets brain farts an I am tiredbofbthatbi try to make light of it but still feel stupid I will keep coming back to the site would love to know how to join the live chats any pointers

thankls ladies you are all angels

Hi Mommaferg

If you would like to join the live chat it runs every Thursday evening from 8.30pm to 9.30pm and is facilitated by a moderator and a specialist nurse.

To join just log in and click on the live chat button, which will take you to the chat room where you are able to talk to others who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the mean time if you would like to read a little bit of information on the live chat just follow this link:-


Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator