hi i am only 24 and have found a lump!!!


i am a 24 year old mother of 2 and i have found a lump in my left breast about 3 weeks ago! it hasnt gone and if anything feels harder. i am rather large breasted 44 gg so actually checking them is quite hard for me and i have to support the weight while i check them. the lump is maybe 2 cms long and is on the outside of my left breast up towrds teh armpit. there is no pain. i have a family history both sides of breast cancer so i am very concerned.

i had a check done about 6months ago at the docs as i find it really hard to do myself and there was nothing there then.

should i get it checked out?? am i just being paranoid??

Hi Gemzstar,

You should get any lump checked out, if only to put your mind at rest. You will only worry until you know one way or the other, particularly given your family history.

90% of lumps turn out to be non-cancerous so the odds are in your favour, particularly given your age.

Go and see your GP and they can refer you to a breast clinic for tests. They normally do a mammogram, ultra-sound and, if a lump is visible/palpable will take a biopsy (very quick under a local). Some clinics will give the result on the same day, some you have to go back a week later. Either way you’ll know within a couple of weeks and whilst it will be a worrying time while you wait for the results its in someways no different to worrying as you are now except at least there will be an end to the worry.

You’ll find loads of support on here, whatever the outcome.

Best of luck, x

Hi Gemzstar,

I was diagnosed about 10 months ago now and am also 24. I don’t want to post on here to scare you but you should go to the doctors… it is unlikely it is anything but if it is you will want it to be treated sooner rather than later. I know its really scary but the not knowing is worse than the bad news so be on the safe side and go and get it checked.

Let us know how you get on.

Erin x

I’m 28 and i was diagnosed with BC in january…

Go to the dr and get it checked, i did and i was referred to the breast clinic. they told me it was a “breast mouse” which is a build up of tissue after doing an examination on the lump… they did a core biopsy as precedure and it came back cancerous a few days later

luckily for me they did the core biopsy, otherwise i would still have that awful thing in my breast!

I also dont want to scare you but sometimes you need to be scared into doing something that in the long run helps!!


Hi Gemzstar

I too found a lump when i was 24 - 25 luckily it turned out to be nothing, but from then on I had yearly examinations as have bc in my family so was put on the check list, altho when I was 29 I found a lump myself, I am 36 almost now and have secondaries but I believe I am still here due to my quick acting each time I feel unwell or find a lump, so please please go get yourself checked - time is so important to get treatment asap if it is a nasty lump…esp with your young children futures to think about, you have to do it for them if not yourself, please dont be scared, the treatment today is amazing…

take care xxxx

Gemstar I am a much older lady …but had a history of lumps and bumps when I was yoinger …ironically when I was dx in 2007 I didnt have a lump at all nothing showed on a mammo simply because of where it was so close to my chest wll and rib cage .You must go …as previously mentioned most lumps are nothing but I can endorse that early dx is vital …Let us know how you get on you know that you have the continued support of this site xxxxxxxxxxxxxx