Hi! I’m a new member

Hello everyone! 
I’m Happygrama and live in the USA. I look forward to being part of this community of support and sisterhood in this crazy disease that so many of us find ourselves diagnosed with.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer DCIS left breast non invasive. I had very dense breasts and biopsy’s and cancer scares in the past so  I had a bilateral mastectomy 4 weeks ago. I had an aesthetic flat closure that turned out fabulous, and I am very happy with my choice! I was afraid to reconstruct with implants as I didn’t want to deal with possible complications that are sometimes associated with them, nor did I want any additional surgeries. 
My surgery went very well but I am dealing with seromas which have been drained twice. My surgeon wants me to allow my body to resorb the fluid but keep an eye on it. It is uncomfortable I will say. 
After reading many testimonies I understand that we are all different and our individual bodies have their own timing and healing path, pain etc. I am finding I need to lay down any expectations and rest in my body and the path it’s on. 
God bless all you beautiful pink sisters! :two_hearts:

Welcome to the forum Happygramma !!!

I had a seroma after my surgery they are very uncomfortable . I had mine drained but it just filled up again really quickly , I was about to have it drained again when it disappeared almost overnight , so it’s very possible your body will re absorb it .

I hope you will enjoy chatting on the forum , you are very welcome . Jill x