Hi I’m here because - yes I have breast cancer

I was diagnosed on 27th September but haven’t got a clear picture yet as I’m having a bone scan on Tuesday and s CT scan on Friday. Can only say I am so impressed by my care to date. I’ve was seen by my GP and 8 days later had the mammogram. Ultrasound and biopsy, where consultant said it looked suspicious, 6 days after that met with consultant again for confirmation that it is breast cancer & lymph nodes are affected hence the next scans. Also met my BC nurse Joanne 


I am a fighter a little weeble - I get knocked down but I get up again type of person and this will be yet another test to get through. 






Sorry you are having all this thrown at you - it’s the position I was in 12 months ago, only without the wedgie. We all find our own way through what lies ahead (it’s not always easy but we get through). I opted for head buried in the sand, just get it over. We also have very different experiences - chemo floored me tho mysteriously I didn’t lose my hair, radiotherapy was a doddle. Others will say chemo was ok but radiotherapy a nightmare. Who knows? What’s important is the trust you have in your team. That’s a huge factor. And don’t worry when your positive pants slip a bit - we’re human and have blips, big blips. Best of luck,


Hi Debknits,  sorry you find yourself here in the club none of us wanted to join but glad you are feeling quite positive and things are running smoothly.  You can still get through treatment if you have down days too.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit our fears to loved ones which is why it’s nice to come on here where everyone knows how you feel.  I’m still here and doing very well after my stage 3 diagnosis in March 2017.  I also had lymph node involvement (9/12+) and had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy followed by Tamoxifen.  It’s a lot to get through but it’s all doable.  Here’s my story which you may find useful as you prepare for treatment.  lifeafterlola.com/

If you’re definitely having chemo you may want to consider having your eyebrows microbladed beforehand.  once your treatment plan is in place you can chat with others going through the same on the “going through treatment” threads on this forum.  I found this really helpful and I’m still in contact with my chemo buddies.  Hold on tight to those positive pants! 

Hi there, hope you are feeling OK, especially with those pants pulled up so high?. You will gets lots of support from this forum. Lots of women here with lots of experience, so ask away, or just ask for emotional support as this is a rollercoaster ride we are all on at various stages. Good luck.