Hi - I'm new and mad on horses

I’m 57 and in December had mastectomy and many lymph nodes removed. Would especially like to hear from anyone to discuss the particular problems of coping with cancer and looking after my horse. I am so lucky that my best friend has taken most of the responsibility/worry off me so I can concentrate on getting well but obviously I need to look at the long-term situation. Love this site and these forums – could spend all day browsing!

Hi Summer
I have 3 horses dx in Jan 2011 had WLE Chemo and Rads finished in Sept 11. I did have help after op and during chemo but went every day to see them. Am now back mucking 3 out before work and riding as often as I can. I do have lymphodema in my left arm which although told was low risk for dont think all water bucket carrying helped. I do hope you get back to looking after your beastie I know having mine to look after definitely helped keep me sane during treatment!!!
Jill xxx