Hi I'm new had my first chemo today

hello just wondering if there are any may starters ? I had my first session of FEC-T today wow my body feels like lead lol …am I being optimistic of going to work tommorow and a wedding next weekend ! I think I am ???

Hi Dotty

Sorry you had to join the chemo club xx

The May starters are over on the Monthly chemotherapy threads link below

And you may be OK :slight_smile: I had chemo from start of Nov 15 to end of March 15 I was a little more tired than usual but got out and about lots. So you may “sail” through chemo as I did (thats how my oncologist put it)

Take care xx


Hi Dotty I’m number one tomorrow eek!! Let’s hope we sail through too xc

Hi dotty, I also had mine (it’ll be yesterday now) and I’ve not reacted well and had to be admitted to hospital. Currently waiting on blood results and to have an xray but at least they are being thorough. You sound like you are doing well and hope it continues x

I finally got home at about 6 I think ? foggy brain! They gave me a different anti sickness tablet away with me and I feel a lot better so I’m hoping that’s the worst part over. Now for some sleep, 16 hours in hospital takes it put of you ? talk soon xx