Hi I'm new here

Hello everyone, I’m Debbie, I have only just found this forum so I’m up for making mistakes!!!
I was diagnosed in August 2019
My diagnosis is ER HER2- with mets to my bones and liver
I was diagnosed when I lived in Spain, in 2022 we moved back to the UK
Its been, and is, a tough journey at the moment I am stable
I am taking Exemestane and Everolimus
I have neuropathy everywhere! and hand and foot syndrome
Is there anyone out there who has my diagnosis or similar? it’s good to talk and after 5 years, almost, I’m still learning :smile:


Hi @debbie4

Welcome to the forum. I am not in your situation, I have bilateral invasive breast cancer with no lymph spread. I just wanted to let you know there are online forum groups for those living with a secondary diagnosis that you might find helpful.


LiveChat: Open to people with a secondary diagnosis. A private chat room where you can talk to others in a similar situation

So pleased to hear you are stable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sure somebody that is in a similar situation as you will respond soon.


Thank you, just finding my way around. i have signed up for the secondary breast cancer chat

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Welcome to the forum, it’s a really useful tool and I personally have learnt so much from reading different posts and also the helpful replies to my own occasional post. It’s also nice talking to people who “get it” and know exactly how you might be feeling.

I have similar diagnosis to you. I was diagnosed in January 2022 with triple positive BC with mets in liver and bone. I was on chemo for 5 months then Phesgo for 18 months. Unfortunately in October 23 it was discovered that I now have Mets in brain. I’ve had targeted radiotherapy and have been on Kadcycla since December 23. Treatment is hard, side effects are many and can be dreadful, but my oncology team are great and they listen and have reduced the dose to try to make more tolerable. I am thankful for the good days and my amazing friends and family but I agree with you, it’s very hard!

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Hi Debbie, I’m not quite the same as you as my BC is not hormone positive, but like you I was initially diagnosed around August 2019 and am still on treatment (currently pembroluzimab) but currently stable-ish. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum.
Lisa x

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