Hi Marylou

Hi Marylou

Hi Marylou Hiya

Hope everything is ok, and your feeling well??

Big Hugs

Gilly xxx

Hi Gillyflower Hi
Got my results yesterday & apart from the 6ml tumor everything else was all clear, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, soo… relieved. Now i’m just waiting on my appointment to start my chemo (soon i hope) i’m having fec as well. When did your hair start falling out?.
I asked the breast care nurse for some different softies as the ones i’ve got don’t fill my bra properly & they are different makes so ones a bit bigger, but i’ve been told they don’t stock them any more!!!. I was given those other ones, i refuse point blank to wear them as they make me look like i have cones sticking out from my chest. Apart from that, just getting used to the new me!! With having both sides done everything i seem to want to do is taking alot more effort & thought.
Anyway enough about me, hows the puppy? Still keeping you up!!
I have two children, son aged 11 & daughter aged 8 (who thinks she is 15). I showed them my wig before i went into hospital, they both like it, but my son’s warned me not to go into school with it on when it’s windy in case it blows off!!
you take care
speak soon
Louise xxx

Morning!!! Or is it the middle of the night!!! Hiya

I’m so pleased for you!!!

Its 7.28am, been up since 6.40am and now the dam dog has gone back on her bed and is fast asleep, its like having a baby again, feed, water and back to sleep!! But she’s worth it!

My hair started falling out the weekend before my 2nd chemo, my head statrted tingling and really hurt when i touched it, i perhaps shaved it off earlier than i needed to but i couldnt stand it falling out in shower or on my pillow so when it started to come out when i pulled it that was it off it came. I did cry alot though, i think it hurt me more losing my hair than losing my boob!
I didnt go totally bald until number 5 and i never totally lost my eyebrows or eyelashes. But i’m now 4mths past chemo and i have 2 inch of hair and this week for the first time i’ve put gel on and stuck it up, it was so nice to have a style and now i dont wear my hat anymore while i’m out!!!

I’m going back for a re-fit before i start work and ive been told that i will have to pay for another one. Do you want a laugh, I’ve not only been wearing my boob upside down for the last 6mths, thought it just didnt fit right, made us all laugh anyway!!

I never wore a wig, just didnt want to but now i wish i had cause i want to got to work looking normal, but cant just stick a wig on now as everyone would look gone out at me, but if id worn it from the start they wouldnt have thought any more about it.

My kids are 15(boy) and 10(girl). How’s the hubby?? Sometimes think they get left out in all this.

It’s so nice to hear from you. Look after yourself .

Gilly xxx