hi need advice

hi 2 months ago whilst at work a friend notice i had a blood stained shirt i checked myself not squeezing the nipple though , i didnt think it was me that the blood had come from although it had soaked through my bra, i mentioned to the doc who said if it happend again to contact him asap ( i thought the blood was from a clinical waste bag i had collected ) anyway last week it happend again whilst at home enough to leaave at least a 5cm if not more patch on my shirt and on examining my breat found more blood was leaking if i gently touched my breast, i spoke to the doctor who examined me and although no blood came out said he felt a roll (unsure on that term ) had an appointment within days for the clinic which is on monday , anybody had the same or any advice would be gratefull, by the way i have had no other symptoms no pain although today felt uncomportable.

thankyou very much for you time

Hi Kitana,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for support. While you are waiting for your fellow forum users to reply I have put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publications ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find useful to read.


Hope this helps. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

thankyou for the welcome after reading alot of post on nipple bleed and other things its really opened my eyes, i hope all my tests are fine, some of the storys i read on here are so inspiring and is full of very brave people, my heart and thoughts go out to all of you,how you cope and and the strength you have is amazing i hope im not sounding condisending in this post i really do belive you are all true hero’s, i feel my original post wasnt worthy of writing after reading all your posts, My appointment is on monday im am petrified i cry at the slightest thing but the strenghth i have gained reading these forums invaluable.


Hi Kitana. Everyone here has been just as scared as you are now darl, and many many more who have posted then found out it was nothing sinister afterall. They go and get on with the rest of their lives. But the first clinic we all know what that’s like, and how worrying it is.
Chin up darl. My hopes and prayers are with you for a good result. xxx

well story so far mamogram was clear as was ultrasound, had a ductogram on friday radioligist said cant see any blockage or papilomas the bleeding is intermitant seems to build up then i have alot of blood followed by small drips when i lean on something or put pressure under my nipple then nothing until the next build up,deffinatly not discharge with blood colour it is pure red blood, awaiting to see the surgeon for write up from radiologist, just wondering if anyone has any idea what my next step will be .

Thanks everyone