Hi new member needing advise on implant before radiotherapy?

Hi all.  Last month I found a lump in my right breast, which has turned out to be invasive lobular bc grade 2 hormone positive.  After having a dye contrast MRI I’ve now been informed that the mass is larger than they initially thought and have to have a mastectomy, I had sort of prepared myself for this but I also want immediate reconstruction, as I don’t think I could cope with being flat one side.  The consultant is recommending delayed recon with an implant, as I’ve got to have RT on my chest wall and RT can cause capsulations around the implant.  I’m not a candidate for diep reconstruction, which was my preference, as I haven’t got enough fat on my tummy.  
Although I don’t like going against the consultants advice I’m considering still having immediate recon.

Has anyone had immediate implant reconstruction and then gone onto have RT?  I would love to hear anyones experience as I have to let them know on Tuesday of my decision.  And keep changing my mind.  I’m really not handling things at the moment and don’t want to make the wrong decision.

Alison xx


I haven’t had radiotherapy so can’t directly answer your question. Hopefully someone else will be along soon who can.

However I did have a mastectomy with implant reconstruction. I had multiple tumours so at the time of surgery it was thought I’d have radiotherapy, my surgeon was still happy for me to have this. In the end, due to other health reasons I didn’t end of having radiotherapy. 
Take care xxx