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Hi found a lump in left boob fast track cancer route for mammogram ultra ultrasound and biopsy with 2 weeks, could not find lump on mammogram so had another after they added marker as high up awaited another 2 weeks for results due to Easter the 05/04 told I had breast cancer grade 3 ER positive HER2 negative and nothing seen in lymph nodes . I was started on a drugs trial taking anastrozole daily a day. Within 1 working day had MRI that confirm 17x14x15mm. I have surgery planned for 14/05/2024. At present no chemo only radiotherapy but that could still change. Up until a week ago I felt ok a little tired and I have lost my appetite but now I am exhausted and have no appetite and even the smell of food makes me nauseous. I feel grateful that it’s been caught early and positive for a good outcome, but I am struggling with what I can only assume is the side effects of anastrozole. Any advice would be welcome.
Stay as positive as you can and stay well


Hello there sorry that you’re feeling so poorly . It’s important that you contact your treatment team and tell them how you are feeling . The Anastrozole will be controlling the cancer while you are waiting for surgery but I also think that your team would prefer that you not be going into surgery feeling so run down. I know you’re on a medical trial - I am too and you do feel that you have to stick with it but you could contact your Research Nurse as well and see if there are any options . There are definite advantages to being on a medical trial which are not to be given up lightly as they are literally invested in your welfare .

I did have side effects from Anastrozole nausea was not one of them , but it is a common side effect of many drugs including Anastrozole . I would imagine that it will settle down as your body adjusts ( some of my side effects did) . Most of us start our hormone blockers after surgery when the initial anxiety has settled - I don’t envy you having to deal with both things at once . I have had nausea and loss of appetite due to both stress and fatigue - so you have a new diagnosis , you’re in the horrid stage of waiting for surgery and you’re on new medication. I’m not surprised that you are feeling rough.

To be candid I stopped Anastrozole due mainly to joint pain which would have had me removed from the trial if it wasn’t for the fact that my trial procedure ( removal of tumour under radiological guidance and local anaesthetic only ) failed. My situation was quite different from yours in that mine was Grade 1 stage 1 and 10 mm and I stopped it with the agreement of my surgical team though I know the Oncologist would not have been happy . Many people do not experience significant side effects and for some people they settle down with time or with a change of brand .

Try eating and drinking the following ; cola / mints and mint tea / anything containing ginger - these have all helped me in the past with nausea from a variety of causes. Try to do a bit of exercise , gentle walking etc .

As well as speaking to your own team I really think it might help you to talk this through with the Nurses on the helpline - 0808 800 6000.

With all best wishes. Xx

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I forgot to say that there’s a section of the forum entitled Going Through Treatment and a subsection for Hormone Therapy which you might find helpful. Xx

Hi I’ve had almost the same as you two years ago I’m on Anastrezole not had nausea but lower stomach / pelvis pain and very bad joint pains like ageing overnight but if it doesn’t suit, you can ask to be changed to another type but most have side affects, which some subside some remain while on it , saw my surgeon last wk about it , she only said to go back on Tamoxifen but again terrible vaginal problems we just hope that at least it is doing a good percentage of not bringing the cancer back :crossed_fingers:Good luck talk to the team.

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I had exactly the same 2 year ago and had exactly the same symptoms. I’m doing absolutely fine following my treatment and long recovery.
Wishing u well in your treatment and future xx

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Thank you for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it and it take a look at the other forums and speak with the trial nurses tomorrow


Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate it and will be speaking to my trial team tomorrow stay well

Welcome to the forum @lilo1973

I am so sorry to hear what you’re going through at the moment, I am glad you have reached out here. The forum is a full of kind, helpful people like those who have already replied to you and I hope you find the support you are looking for.

Please know that our nurses are here for you any time, here on the forum on the Ask our Nurses your questions or over the phone 0808 800 6000.

Sending our warmest,