Hi newbie

Hello im chrissie and just joined today . xx

Hi Chrissie

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums. If you would like to tell the other users a little bit about your diagnosis and treatment so far then I’m sure you’ll get lots of good, honest support from the many informed users of this site. If there’s anything you need to know just ask there’s always someone with some words of wisdom, plus our helpline team are just a free phone call away, 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi .chrissie, sorry you find yourself in our special club but its a good place for advice and support.
Don’t google…only use breast cancer care or Macmillan
I am Nearly at the end of chemo Fec t .
Why don’t you write something about yourself on here as Jo suggests?
There are threads on here for every month that people start chemo, I am a may moonbeam.
Lots of other great threads too about all aspects of bc

Hello ladies , well im 49 and work as a mental health agency hca . my diagnosis is still a bit of a shock as i only went to the dr with a case of mastitis or so i thought . The weekend oncall told me to go to my dr on the monday as it might be "something a bit more serious " I did as she suggested to be told to carry on with the antibiotics and go back in a week , never tell a nurse this lol so that same monday i went to spire and saw a lovely consultant who did tests there and then and gave me my initial diagnosis .This was exactly 3 weeks today and i am already i week into my first FEC-T chemo through the NHS
I cant fault the NHS in this case even if they have many faults . i have read some posts especially about the effects of chemo and can see its not me going mad by waking up at 4 am lol … thanks for listening xx

I just want to say hi Chrissie xx

Chrissie, join the amazing August thread… They are all ladies starting chemo inn august…

Hi Chrissie, sorry you find yourself on here but please as Rara said come and join the Maisie’s August group there are around 50 of us most of whom are just starting or due to start chemo. Everyone on there is so supportive and there is also a great deal of info and advice, you will be made very welcome. All the best for everything Meg xx

Hi chrissie as coco says join the August chemo girls aka Maisie’s, massive support there.
im a staff nurse dx 17 th may start chemo on Monday. Sometimes being a nurse is worse we know to much but not enough and our imagination works overtime. Your not alone though its shocking really how many of us there are. Take care x ju