Hi, newly diagnosed and worried sick...

Hello there, I’m new to this forum…

Im 42 and on Friday I was diagnosed with IDC grade 3 tumor ER+ and HER2+. 

Im having an op on 17th Aug to have the tumor removed but I’ve been told I will need Chemo as I’m HER2+.

Im now connecting all the symptoms, tiredness, headaches etc I experienced during lockdown to the BC. 

I feel sick with worry, not sleeping etc while juggling a 17yr old and 4yr old. 

Any kind words or support welcomed x

Hi Joannemaire,

sorry you find the need to be here but it is a great place for support from others who are going through a similar thing. 
The “limbo” position you are currently in was the worst part for me. Once all the results are back and a treatment plan is in place you can move forward. I‘m 48 and was diagnosed in April 2020 (grade 3 Er+) and have had surgery and radiotherapy. The active treatment is complete and now it’s the medication to keep it away. Covid doesn’t help matters either! 
Your breast and oncology teams will have a plan for you and everything is very doable. I have found great support in this forum and I’m sure you will also. 
Take it a day at a time and get support which feels right for you.  
best wishes 

 Mel xx 

Hi joannemarie, welcome to our lovely forum but sorry you find yourself here.  You’re anxiety is understandable as it is a very daunting time to begin with.  It’s quite a big shock and there’s so much info to take in as well as appointments and waiting for results. I was diagnosed in March 2017 and after chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I’m still here and doing well.  I was ER+/PR+ only so you’re HER2+ will have extra treatment; usually herceptin.  If you can get a good nights sleep at this stage it’s most likely because you’ve worn yourself out with anxiety, I know that how I rolled immediately after diagnosis.  I drank chamomile tea and had some lavender spray for my pillow to help with relaxation at bedtime but you will find your own way to cope eventually.  If you need any advice or better understanding of anything you can always contact the nurses here on the forum.  I hope this helps a bit.  X

Hi Joannemarie

i was diagnosed recently with IDC grade 3 ER+ Hers - with lymph involved and go for my Op on 13th for lumpectomy and full axillary clearance. I’m the same just now joining everything together and didn’t notice until the lump arrived, I only had a normal mammogram last Sept. I’ve been told it’s Chemo then Rad. To be honest I’m just counting the days for the Op it seems like forever trying to stay positive. It must be difficult with a 4 yr old and 17 but you just stay positive, the nights are the worst for me I start over thinking every ache and pain! We’re at similar stages so we should start chemo similar times. Good luck stay strong and think the pain and stress now means a great future moving forward- hugs xxx

Hi Joannemarie,

I’m new to this forum too…

I am 41, and found out on 14th July that I have Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer stage 3.  I have been an emotional wreck since finding out and having to deal with all the hospital appointments, scans, waiting for results etc etc to be the worst part.  I have since been given the all clear on my CT scan, so the Cancer has not spread which is a massive relief - cried like a baby when I heard this… 

I was due to have an operation next week (20th Aug) but since then, the consultant has advised that the best way forward would be Chemo, operation and then radiotherapy.  I am due to see the Oncologist this morning.

What you are feeling is all normal, it’s not easy but you will get through it and I too am juggling a 15 and 13 year old plus working full time.  Keep smiling, stay positive, and remember you’re not alone.

Take care Helen xx