Hi, Wigston, Leicester area

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that lives in the Wigston, Leicester area would like to meet up


Hi debh I live near to wigston and would be happy to meet, not sure how far you are on this ‘journey’ I have had chemotherapy, surgery, rads and had been having herceptin but had a setback before xmas as it was found my heart muscle had been affected so having a break from treatment until Feb.
dairybox x


I live in Broughton Astley and would like to meet up some time. i have secondary bone mets and primary 10 years ago.

Rosie x

Hi, I live in Fleckney and I have just joined the site today (starting chemo on Thursday. Lets chat if you want to. Carol X


Looks as if a meet up may be a good idea. Wigston, Fleckney and Broughton Astley aren’t that far away from each other. Any-one feel like meeting at Wistow cafe or Glebe garden centre.
Love Rosie xx
P.S. Any one can send a private message to arrange meeting.