Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 4 weeks ago, at first they thought it was DCIS as the biopsy showed precancerous cells. However after SNB last week it has been found that 1 of the 3 nodes removed contained cancer cells! I am having a mastectomy on Monday and axillary clearance! I have managed to keep myself upbeat up to now however I am feeling very scared!

I have large breasts and this worries me that I am going to look abnormal most people I have spoken to have smaller breasts! Anyone out there who like me has large breasts and has come through this and has any advice for me!

Luv Tigs xx

Hi Tigerlilly
Sorry you had to join us here. I can’t help with the op as I had a lumpectomy. Just wanted to say good luck for Monday and I am sure someone will come along with advice soon x

Hi Tigerlily

Welcome to the BCC forums.

I have posted a link below to our new resource pack which you may find helpful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed, just click on the link to access the order form. You can also order more information publications on the same page by clicking on the links on the same page under the ‘quick order list’.


If you would like to speak to someone in confidence please do call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, our team of specialist nurses and trained helpliners can offer you further support and information. Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Hi Tigerlilly,
I was diagnosed 1st of Feb, surgery 20th…
I was very large breasted 38DD or E, depending on bra.
I got a therapeutic mammoplasty on the bad breast and a reduction on the good. Bottom line is that they took approx 2/3rds of my breasts and I now have about a B cup. (they removed 650 grams from one and 550 grams from the other)
Its not the same as a mastectomy, I know I ‘got off’ lightly. My body no longer feels like its mine, everything has changed; shape, profile, clothes etc… BUT everyday gets better. I never thought I would say it, but after reading your post and wondering if I was equiped to reply, I suddenly realised that I dont hate my body any more… if anything, the sense of relief that the BC has been cut out far outweighs my body issues.
I also found out last night that I have to have chemo (which I wasnt expecting) and that has made me realise that all the treatment is work in progress… eg I wont get a new nipple for maybe a year, and if at that point I am still unhappy with my shape there are options.
Also, ask what options are available to you during or after the surgery, immediate or delayed recon (if its something that you want).
Last words, the reality is never as bad as your own imagination or fears.

I am probably going through it rather than ‘come through it’. Like you I was hoping the lumpectomy would do the trick and whilst after the lumpectomy my breasts were different sizes with good supportive bra you couldn’t really tell - I am 38 DD.

I had to have mastectomy and full anxcillary clearence and now 4 days since surgery. I feel lopsided and worried about how I am going to look when I am fit enough to go out and about again. I haven’t been able to get a Bra on yet to see really what it looks like with my comfie but I intend to go and get a really good Bra fitting for my Prothesis - my BCN has given me details of a company (ladies who set it up after having breast cancer themselves and know the ins and outs etc ). I have stuffed a ‘scarf’ down a support vest that I am wearing at the moment and whilst it not ideal it stops the ‘flat’ look that I have on the right side! and is comfortable. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi all

Here’s the link to the BCC publication ‘A confident Choice’ with information about prostheses, bras and clothes after breast surgery which you may find useful:


Best wishes

Thank you all for your replies, I have been quite positive and managed to keep upbeat through all of it so far thanks to my sense of humour and a great bunch of friends! However this weekend I am starting to really stress about everything, I have questions that only my consultant can answer and I won’t be seeing her til Monday morning just before my surgery! I am soooo scared about everything right now! I am a single parent to 2 boys aged 15 and 18 and they have been great so far but as they say nothing’s changed I still look the same and shout at them the same lol! It must be hard for them because they have no contact with their Dad and I have hardly any family!

I don’t know what area you live in Saffron but if you are near Kent there is a lady who adjusts bras to measure and she offers free fitting for ladies who have had mastectomies, my breast care nurse has been very impressed with her so if you are in the area let me know and I will send you the email address!

Sorry if this post is rambling, I’m not thinking straight at the moment! Looking forward to getting to know you all

Luv Tigs xxx

Hi Tigs, I just want to say the waiting is one of the worse things, then it’s each hurdle as it comes along. The ladies here are great for support, any time. Sending hugs for monday xxx

Hi Tigs

Just wanted to say I hope all goes well for you today.

HC xx

Hi all and thanks for your replies and words of support!

Well it’s a week now since my mx and axillary clearance and I finally had my drain out today as it was draining too much to be removed before! Now the drain is out though I have no excuse to stay in my PJ’s all day or trackies!! I have not ventured out of the house yet and am quite anxious about going out for the first few times! Luckily I have some very good friends who will insist on getting me out if they have to drag me kicking and screaming!! lol

Anyway sorry for the short post! Am still having trouble typing for too long! Looking forward to getting to know you all!!

Luv Tigs xxx

Welcome back! We have been all waiting for your post!
Re your PJs and Trackies… I am still in them 4 weeks after surgery! Only get dressed when I am going out or to work.
Take your time and remember that as much as you will start to feel good quickly, you have had major surgery… allow your body (and soul) time to recover.

Hi Tigs

Good to hear from you, glad all went well. Take one day at a time, and get plenty of rest.

Big Hugs
HC xxx