hi i’m new just registered today and diagnosed last wednesday with breast cancer, lymph node something or other and been sort of knocked for six since then. got a ct scan tommorow and they said an operation after that, followed by chemo. to be honest, im not really taking it in, then i have a really bad day and i do take it in.
today is a good day, so hi to you all.

Hi Angiepops,

Welcome! Sorry you have found yourself here, but everyone is helpful and supportive. You will find that someone will have experienced what you are going through, so will be able to offer advice.

You will find your situation easier to deal with when you have your full diagnosis and treatment plan, at least more in control. The “waiting room” is the worst place to be, but we do find ourselves back there periodically throughout treatment. We are all here to help each other through.

Keep strong, best wishes


Hi angiepops,

Sorry to hear your news :frowning:

You are in one of the worst places at the moment, with the shock of diagnosis, incomplete information and no fixed treatment plan. Once you get a little further along and have more info, you will probably find it a little easier to cope. You’ve done a good thing today by reaching out for support and companionship in this brave new world you’ve suddenly been plonked into. This site was invaluable to me when I was diagnosed 3 years ago, and I have made some brilliant lifelong friends from my time spent here. Keep posting and reading, try not to google and remember to breathe when the panic sets in! Xxx