Hi I start chemo within two weeks going on fec and worried sick about side effects x any advise as I hate the sicky feeling x

Hi Stedie,


I had my first fec chemo on Tuesday. They give you sevearl different sickness drugs and you are advised to take them whether you feel sick or not.So I have and touch wood, I have been ok so far, but I have only been eating quite bland food such as pasta,soup,toast.

I would say listen to your body and I find myself dropping off whilst reading a book or watching tv but I wouldnt say it was fatigue,more a quick catnap :slight_smile: Good Luck xx Ruth xx 

Hi Stedie,


So sorry you need to have chemo, but at least you know they are throwing everything at it. My advice is:


  1. Join one of the monthly chemo threads.
  2. Take the anti sickness meds BEFORE you actually start to feel sick or be sick.
  3. Drink plenty of water after each treatment (Epirubicin, the ‘e’ in fec turns you urine red for a while)
  4. Take your steroids before 2pm or you will not sleep that night.
  5. When you feel exhausted, listen to your body and rest or even sleep.
  6. On your ‘good’ days (yes there will be some) do things you enjoy.

I actually didn’t feel sick, but for the first two cycles I occasionally took the meds ‘just in case’ if I was going out. My OH made me keep a bucket by my side at all times when at home lol. Thankfully never needed it.


Good luck


poemsgalore xx

Hi Stedie

everyones journey is different and so will yours…just keep positive and don’t wait to feel sick…you may not because the antisickness medications are excellent. The majority of hospitals now give Emend prior to your chemo (one hour) and then one tablet for the next 2 days…in addition you have other antisickness meds. As the other ladies say take them whether you need them or not. I tend to wean off them at day 4…

Don’t put up with any side effect…i.e heart burn…contact GP and by the time you have taken the second dose the issue should have gone…as with any other symptom

The support on here is excellent…

For me the worst side effect was losing my head hair…2nd FEC day 14 a- hair all gone :frowning: …but annoyingly my legs remain like a yeti…

Rest when you are tired…I make sure I get up and dressed every day and go out every day…I still work …mostly from home but helps fill some of the days when I feel a little low.

I don;t take the steroids with the FEC (my choice - oncologist happy) but they can disturb your sleep…so take before 2pm…

I wish you well… don’t fear the chemo…your mind makes it worse than it is.

I have just got home from 3rd FEC (been shopping with hubbie after) usually feel tired by 6pm on the chemo day xxxx Donna



Hi thank you for advise good to
Know he stuff prior x my hair is the one hat going kill me but at least I know that I will
Be getting better x I will defo join a thread and will keep I dating on this journey x

Hi. Am new to the forum but gave just had my 4th cycle of AC. I too was terrified of losing my hair but have been using cold cap and thankfully have kept my shoulder-length hair up to now. Chemo changing for next 4 cycles so not looking forward to more side effects after getting used to one lot. Hope all goes well xx