I have had some close family members with cancer, so I am here to get some more information, the women here are an inspirations, and I want to show as much support as I can offer!

Thanks x

Hi Helenmack, 

Thank you for introducing yourself and I am sure some of our users will be saying hello and showing their support soon.

I have moved your post to our Family Partners and Friendsboard as this is a busy part of the forum. You may also want to introduce yourself on some of the threads here as I am sure our users will be able to provide you with more information and support.

If you would ever like to talk you can call our support line at 0808 800 6000 who can offer you a friendly ear.

Best wishes,


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Great books…

Cordelia Galgut -emotional support thru breast cancer, an alternative guide. (Psychologist and person with diagnosis). Very down to earth, aporox 80 pages, found it expressed so much.

Deborah Hutton - what can i do to help? 75 practical hints. (When having treatment my lovely neighbours bought me meals to my door, i was so fatigued, we would have coffee etc). Most useful time for me was adding ^No need to reply ^ at the end of a text. Lets another know you think.of them, but happy to be contacted as they are able / wish.

Look after you too,

Much live , LL xx

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Live and love, interchangeable!!