Hi I found a lump on thurs night made appointment friday got appointment when I went she said she could feel wat I was feeling and it was hard irregular lump She has put a refferall to breast clinic she said it will be fast track Monday and should expect appointment within 2 weeks it’s kinda big scared as hell as I’m only 30 ?

Hi Claire, I know how scared you will be feeling but the majority of lumps turn out to be harmless so please try not to convince yourself otherwise until you know for sure, I was fast tracked due to family history and saw GP on a Friday and had clinic appointment the following Thursday so hopefully you won’t have to wait long, please let us know how you get on xx Jo 

Hi and thanx I’m trying not to worry but it’s hard wen the doc didn’t say anything to put me at ease as its a fixed lump don’t move its at top of me breast ?


The waiting is very hard, and I think everyone goes swooping round and round in their heads what if what if, but as other women have said, try to be steady if you can and be confident you will be looked after. 

You have a good place to come on this forum to say how you are feeling,  with lots of support from other people who are hiking along this bleep bleep stoney path. Hope you are ok, with love, Caroline 

Hi all thanx for ur comments the doc was nice she just couldn’t tell me wat she may of thought it was sit and wait fingers crossed

Your version of things pretty much mirror mine. I just have gone longer before seeing a GP about it. I am at the breast clinic this thursday and the anxiety is killing me.

He ( GP ) didnt give much away either like your doctor just " judging by your age I would say it is nothing to worry about "
I am 27 and dont for one minute believe that I am somehow invisible to cancer. Even if he sat there and said he was 100% sure nothing to worry about, I still would. Its down to the specialists to diagnose or put mind at ease.

I went to the breast clinic with my friend last year as she found a lump hers turned out to be a tissue build up. Hopefully same result for me. I am not very optimistic tho lol!

Hi and thanx I don’t normally worry but this lump is a funny shape it’s hard and don’t move just not knowing I guess is the worrying part and with the doc not saying much just that it needed a refferal am hoping it nowt good luck