Hi all
I am new to all of this and greatfull to find this group
I have idc and I go for lumpectomy on Monday , 37 years old and scared as all my children are girls , also I know I’m negative for two area but can’t remeber what , or what it means and haven’t even had the courage to ask for a grade
Also could I ask does anyone else lump feel twice as big if there atm is raised



Hello and welcome to the forum.  Its not a place any of us would want to be but one thing is for sure you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


The trouble is that we know we have a lump and all of a sudden our mind focuses on the size of it, it probably has not grown at all since you were diagnosed however it just seems to have.


You might have been gven a sheet with your initial diagnosis on which will have the information you say regarding the negative areas and also your grading, but I would not worry about that at the moment, just concentrate on getting the other side of your op on Monday.


Come on here whenever you need and there will always be someone on here to talk to even in the wee small hours.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Hi Kate,
Sorry to see you here, but glad you found us.
Yes, it is scary & a shock when first diagnosed, so it is hard to take in, we’ve all been there.
If you’re negative for 2 areas, it probably means your bc is positive for oestrogen (er+), meaning that your bc is stimulated to grow by oestrogen. It is the most common diagnosis & most of us are er+. Do ask your bcn to explain it to you.
The other areas tested are for progesterone (pr) & Her2, both of which can cause a bc to grow.
It wont be long until you get to grips with it all, it will become clearer & once your treatment plan is in place, it does feel better & we feel more in control again.
Try not to worry about the size of the lump, there is often swelling or bruising after the biopsy, so it’s not unusual for it to feel bigger. The important thing is, now you’ve been diagnosed it can now be dealt with.
It can help at this stage just to take it an appointment or a day at a time & to try avoid getting into the ‘what ifs’
There are certainly others here in a similar situation with children, so you’re not alone on this.
Sending hugs
ann x

Just to add, the final results dont come theough until after surgery, so as Helena says, just concentrate on that for now. The rest will sort itself out.
ann x

Thank you for your reply’s , I never got a sheet just a lot of leaflets , I know it’s easrogen negative , to be honest I can’t wait for the op , it’s been a long few weeks , just to know the fight is starting is good enough for me , the initial shock has worn off now , and I’m glad I found this group , it’s comforting reading others story’s and journeys
Again thanks for the reply’s

Good morning Kate and welcome to the forum no one really wants to join! 

In the early weeks of diagnosis our heads are full of a million questions and nothing makes much sense but it all becomes easier to understand and you will learn the importance of knowledge . Its the key to coping with all of this, once we know for certain what’s happening we begin to feel more in control and able to cope.


Its sounds as if you may be Triple negative which simply means your cancer isn’t being fed by the three main things they test for, Oestrogen,Progesterone and HER2 and I would bet your still waiting on the HER2 results as they seem to take longer.


As the other ladies have said just concentrate on one step at a time, you won’t have a definite diagnosis and treatment plan until post surgery once your lump has been fully tested so leave worrying about that until you get there, the thought of whats to come is often far worse than the reality and then we feel like we’ve spent weeks endlessly fretting when we needn’t have! 


It is crappy and unfair to get a diagnosis especially at your age but it happens and we deal with it, you will join a long line of us here who have been right where you are now and are now out the other side, plenty of support across the forum and never a question we can’t answer! Xx Jo 

Good morning
Thank you so much for your messages
Home now following lumpectomy and node removal
I have four weeks to wait now for follow up , time to heal
Again so glad to have found this forum x

Welcome home, and rest up and enjoy those cups of tea and coffee.


Hope you are comfortable xx

Good morning
I agree we tend rush ourselves well I know I do
However I felt so tired since the op I had no choice but to rest
But the feeling of knowing the main body of the cancer has been removed is great and you will get that too xx

I think that is what helps knowing what the plan is and roughly when it will happen
Us woman like to be in control
I had MRI all though my lump could be felt
They said it was needed due to my age to ensure they had the full picture of what was going on
The wait for results is the worse I have found so far
It just plays on your mind and it’s hard not to think about it but stay strong and get them dates on your calendar x