Hickman Line Removal

Hi as I’m now 3 weeks away until my last chemo… just wondered if anyone knew what its like having the Hick line removed. Nurses have told me they havn’t heared of any problems, but I would rather hear it from people who have experienced it. Any comments good or bad welcome!
M x

Hi Mandy,

Bit of a glutton here - I have had 3 of them removed! One had to be removed cos I had an infection they couldnt trace. I was rigged up to all sorts if drips cos I got neutropenic fever and in the end the thought it must be in the line… I don’t really remember much about that one. Another one came out cos I had finished chemo and that was straightforward - just with local injections. But the third one was a slight problem - my tissue had knitted quite firmly around it and I ended up with two docs and them wanting to close me up and wait for a general to take it out. There problem seemed to be cos they had used the max about of local anaesthetic for a woman - so I asked them to up it to a blokes dose LOL and they managed to get it out - it just took longer than is normal - wasn’t really painful at all.


I had mine taken out 2 weeks ago, it stung a bit when the local anaesthetic was injected, then I felt a bit of pushing and pulling but no pain, the nurse stitched it up with one stitch, I had the stitch out a week later, it was very simple and strightforward in my case. I had had the line in for about 11 weeks.

I will have had mine in for about 15 weeks when it comes out. Thanks for your comments, some people prefer not to know, but I’m one of these that needs to know everything!! I was in a bi of pain for a good week after it was put in, so as long as its better than that I should be ok… just happy to say bye to it!!!

Mine came out fine and it was a relief to have it out. My Mum said my scar looked like a bullet hole so I have been making up amazing stories about how I got it with my husband. It made me laugh anyway!