High ALT levels - chemotherapy delayed

Hi ladies, I had my first chemotherapy cycle on the 26th Feb and was due to have my 2nd today - my bloods were all fine apart from my liver ALTs which were elevated last Wednesday. My consultant wanted to repeat them on Saturday and they had gone up again! I was on antibiotics for a UTI.
I’ve now been referred to the hepatology team as I’ve also got gallstones- incidental finding on the CT scan :see_no_evil: which may be the cause.
I’m so disappointed I couldn’t have my treatment but do understand why. I was just wondering if anyone else has had something similar?
I feel so naive to think that once I started chemo things would be relatively smooth sailing :confused:

Hi Jayne,
I literally could have wrote this myself! had my first chemotherapy on 12th February, my second round was due 3 weeks later but unfortunately got a call the day before to say it would have to be postponed due to high ALT levels. i too had been on antibiotics so they think it could have been a combination of those and the chemo.

Iv had further blood tests today and hopefully can continue with the 2nd round tomorrow if things have improved.

The nurse who called me said it’s not uncommon , i won’t be the first or the last. I also found a thread of a facebook page where people had gone through similar and it took a few weeks to return to normal.

Will keep everything crossed for us both, I just want to keep going and get to the end of treatment! :crossed_fingers:xxx

Oh no @jcovi fingers crossed for you tomorrow :crossed_fingers:. Honestly felt gutted I couldn’t have chemo today.

I got my bloods back this evening from today and my levels have gone down quite a lot in 48hrs so fingers crossed they keep going down. I have another blood test on Thursday and then see from there when I can have my next cycle.

Do you know how high your levels were? Mine were through the roof :grimacing: but I feel completely fine.

oh that’s great news they have come down! ye mine was through the roof too but had no symptoms at all, felt great! :joy:. hope mine have come down too and can have chemo tomorrow xxx

I have my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers: let me know how you get on x

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Having chemo as we speak! Liver back to normal. panic over :joy:xxx

@jcovi thats great news! :tada: so pleased your liver has returned to normal - I’ve got my bloods on Thursday to see if my levels have gone down even more :crossed_fingers: xx

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