High blood pressure

Had my 8th radio today had my first loading dose of Herceptin 10 days ago Monday had my blood pressure taken and it was high for me so they suggested i had it taken again today i am normally 120 over 78 today it was 170 over 115 i am breathless has anyone else experienced anything like this please either with herceptin or radiotherapy ? Also since chemo started last November i have put on around 12 kilos so feeling pretty frightened about having heart attack or stroke, anyone got any advice for me please i do not really want to go on any more medication.Many thanks

I’m am not on Herceptin so can’t comment on that but I didn’t get breathless with the rads … I did however develop a hicky cough which I was warned may happen as the rads to the breast hit the top of lung. Happy to say it’s started to abate a bit now.

I’ve not had a blood pressure taken since the day I had my surgery.

Hi Lilacblushes
Thanks for your comment it is much appreciated, i do hope that you are progressing well with your recovery, and the journey you are on is not to hard.
Thinking of you and wishing you well


I had low blood pressure on herceptin, especially the first dose it was somthing like 110/58 and I am usually 120/85 ish. Sorry this doesn’t help. I suffer with white coat hypertension which is when you see a nurse or dr in a ‘white coat’ as they say my BP seems to rise. I had a 24 hour BP done at home which showed it was normal. If you are worried about your BP it may be worth speaking to your Consultant or Gp and see if you can have one done as you tend to relax in the home environment.


Thanks for your comments i had onedone on friday after seeing oncologist it was 170/115 since then hadone done at gp it was 150/90 so i do understad what you mean that is a really good idea to get it done at home.
Good luck with your treatment isn’t this a brilliant site