High Blood Sugar

Hi everyone. 

I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy in 2014 and took Tamoxifen up to last month. Since my diagnosis my blood sugar became prediabetic and has risen steadily to almost diabetic. I exercise like mad now to no avail and losing weight seems to make no difference. I’m thinking it could be linked to the tamoxifen or radiotherapy? I also have developed a fatty liver. 

Does anyone else have any experience of this or thoughts. It’s really worrying me as I’m trying my best to stay healthy.


There’s a lot of things we want to blame on endocrine therapy but actually simply the fact we are in menopause might be to blame. Everything you stated is a risk factor that can develop once women enter menopause after all. Personally I think everything you wrote is wonderful to do and the only other thing I can think to mention is maybe a tweaking of the diet. I’ve read more protein less carbs is more healthy for older women for example. But if you’ve tried everything then maybe it’s time for metformin. It’s normally easily tolerated and for some women may even offer a little bit of protection from recurrence. I don’t know what to say about the fatty liver though. I’ve read a warm glass of lemon water in the morning before you eat anything else has some results for people but who knows. Apple cider vinegar is another thing I’ve heard. 

Also being healthy is to get the body to function like it needs to. If you can do that without medication great but if medication is needed don’t hesitate. My father has been obese pretty much his whole life and eats a high fat diet. But he’s always been fairly active anyway and has never skipped a doctor’s appointment and takes what they tell him. He’ll be 80 this Christmas and we’re all massively surprised although grateful. Hell even he’s surprised. But he’s a wonderful example of “medication can actually be your best friend”. 


I’ve worked with a nutritional therapist and it’s very likely to be your hormones, although it is worth knowing the oestrogen helps regulate blood sugar, so less oestrogen means less tolerance to blood sugar and regulation of insulin. Definitely protein with every meal, including breakfast eg overnight oats with full fat Greek yoghurt, fruit and flax seeds. Full fat ie butter, yoghurt, milk for all dairy and don’t be fooled by fads, so you’d think rice or oat milk is a good substitute, they aren’t unless you have specific dietary needs. Wholemeal bread, pasta, rice. Don’t snack in between meals, eat three good balanced to regulate blood sugar, no snacking in between meals. All common sense stuff, good luck xxx