High BP

Last time I posted I had just finished my 12 weekly rounds of chemo which kick started my 18 rounds of herceptin. I’ve since had my radiotherapy and have been on Letrozole since the beginning of January. I have been fairly ok with the Letrozole (or so I thought…) but recently my otherwise normal blood pressure has started rising and is now high enough for my GP to prescribe medication. I am cursed with migraines but my headaches are worse at the moment as are the awful hot flushes. I feel pretty miserable and low after having felt pretty positive. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same? I’m also worried the herceptin might be causing it but not sure if that’s a “thing” too.

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I had had high blood pressure for about 20 years when I was diagnosed with BC at the age of 62. I’m not overweight, exercise regularly & have a healthy diet. It was controlled by medication. During my treatment I hadn’t done any BP readings, but about a month after finishing treatment and starting Anastrazole I took some and they were very high. So I mentioned it to my consultant at my sign off consultation a few weeks later. It was taken again there and the systolic pressure was over 200. So he told me to see my GP. I’m now on one extra medication for it and it is back under control.

Thanks so much for replying, did you have symptoms with you high bp? I can’t work out what is causing the headaches but herceptin as well as Letrozole can so I guess I will never know for sure. On Letrozole for 5 years…

No, I’ve never had any symptoms. It was just picked up by my GP when I was there for a minor thing.

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