High grade dcis and final pathogy results

Hi all, just an update went back to clinic today, got last drain out what a relief started to feel quite sore and need to carry on with antibotic for another 4 days. But reconstruction with strattice mesh looks good :slight_smile: but don’t get my final pathogy results till next week. How likely would there be more than pure dcis, I had loads of biopsy’s and range from lots atypical to high grade dcis. lymth nodes were clear. So if they find any invasive on final results what would likely be my treatment. Doctor said he is not expecting it but would like to know if anyone would know what treatment would be. Does the worry every end. On the good side I get better every day and proud of myself I have got this far. Any thoughts would be great xxx

I think this has got missed , so bumping to the top for you. xxx

Hi Hay, glad to hear that you are making good progress, as you know I follow a similar history to yourself, high grade multi site DCIS the onlydifference I am having a different reconstruction to you as I hose chosen MX and LD Flap and not until Jan 11th. At my last appointment I asked my consultant is there were any more “hidden surprises” along the way. He explained that the result outcome is not until the pathologist report comes in and did say that the DCIS can sometims hide small invasive cancer, but did reassure me and say that if this was the case it would only be small and assuming it was hormone receptive, tamoxifen would be given to me for 5 years. He said very rarely would they do rads as it is not in the lymph nodes and no reference was made to chemo. Hope that reassuryou so somewhat. I am the same I was panicking and no doubt will do so again when I am post op and waiting for results. Like you I Wonderr if the next stage of worrying ever really goes away…sending you a big hug to get you through the weekend. Xxxxxxx

Thanks Cheryl for the reassurance, as you say you pass one hurdle and on to the next. Fingers crossed your right. My breast nurse said they weigh it all up if they find invasive cancer and said it could involve chemo. As I only 36. Finger crossed that its pure dcis xx hugs to you too xx

Hi, so pleased to hear you’re doing so well. x Where did you have your recon done, as I’m a skinny minnie and looking for a hospital that does implant/strattice ops? xx