High grade Dcis awaiting mastectomy

Hi just wondering if anyone has any pearls of wisdom for me . Booked for mastectomy on 1st feb following extensive area High grade dcis

Hi whales i cant give any advice as only booked in for mx pn 5th feb but maybe we can compate experience afterwards. Had two lymph nodes removed during minor op today which went beyter than i expected. No pain whatsoever and full arm movement. Let me know your story as ypu go through your journey.

Hi whales i cant give any advice as only booked in for mx on 5th feb but maybe we can compare experience afterwards. Had two lymph nodes removed during minor op today which went better than i expected. No pain whatsoever and full arm movement. Let me know your story as you go through your journey.

Sounds like a plan connorchloe I will have node taken away during the mastectomy. Bought my bra from jd williams. Not bad price either .

Glad it went well today and your not in pain connorchloe

Hi Whales.


Sorry to hear that you are joining the DCIS club.  I am a fully paid up member of that club too!


I had a mastectomy last May followed by delayed reconstruction with an abdominal flap in 

October.  I couldn’t have immediate reconstruction due to another minor health matter at the time of my initial op.  I just have symmetry surgery to go for now.  My mastectomy was my choice having initially been offered a lumpectomy.  My treatment has been surgical only.


You don’t say what you are doing after the mastectomy.  Are you having recon?  My initial advice is to get a bag to keep your drain in.  Some hospitals give them out, if yours doesn’t, Google ‘Draindollies’ for ideas.  If you can shower post op put your drain in a carrier bag and hang it off the mixer valve.  Find a small soft cushion for placing under your arm as it can be comfier like that and finally, try and do your arm exercises as soon as possible post op.  I am sure there must be other practical tips but it all seems like a distant memory now!


Other pearls of wisdom?  Be kind to yourself and post here in times of need as there are always very kind people who will respond and support, even if their diagnoses are not the same.


Ezzie. X

That’s for the advice ezzie .Having reconstruction following mastectomy. Got a little pillow following my surgery as I sleep on that side x

Thanks for the advice ezzie .Having reconstruction following mastectomy and lymph node removal . Got a little pillow following my surgery as I sleep on that side.

Hi Whales,


Sorry that you find yourself here, but welcome to the site. Not sure whether it will help but I had a mastectomy on my right breast without reconstruction on the 30th November, and have posted about what to expect on the day of your op and what I did for my recovery under:

I am recently diagnosed/Diagnosed with breast cancer/New to this.


Good luck for your operation.


Hi All,

Looks like i’m in the right place. Diagnosed with low to med DCIS and booked in for MX in 17 Jan with delayed reconstruction, my choice. On the day i fell apart. Cried most of the way to the hospital and my MDT i had changed my mind. i had a sentinel node biopsy instead.


i didn’t expect the rush of emotions on the day and i just couldn’t face it. I have big breasts and the though of only having one was too much for me.


I’m booked in for my MX with immediate reconstruction (expander) on 29 Jan.


i am finding it difficult :smileysad: 

Hi Roxanne and Whales

I had a left mx with immediate recon following high grade dcis in December.
Pearls of wisdom - agree with Ezzie on the bag! Get some button up pjs for all the checking in hospital and take arnica a few days before surgery and after to help healing.
Roxanne, I too was/am big boobed. My foob is now much smaller than my 32g boob so I’m waiting to have surgery to give symmetry once everything is settled. Waking up to some volume definitely helped though. I hope the surgery goes well for you both and you are soon on the road to recovery and getting your new ‘normal’!x


I had a masectomy and instant silicon reconstruction April 2017. I had an overnight stay in hospital then home with a drain for 2 weeks. A few handy hints:

  • bought bras on line from Asda think 2 for £12 one cup and  size larger
  • If you have a drain use a cotton shoulder bag for it and then you have two hands free and can almost forget you have it, well almost
  • have button up the front tops as arm restriction makes it difficult to get dressed
  • plan for someone to pop along and wash your hair as dressing can’t get wet so showers out - makes you feel human when you have clean hair
  • I was up and moving around with visitors popping in making me cuppas, they enjoy being useful :slight_smile: But dont be afraid to say no to visitors if you’re not up to it - they are very understanding
  • Do your excercises four times a day - really important to get your arm movement back
  • I had seroma (fluids wouldn’t drain) so had to have it syringed out - not painful - did look like half a Jordan before drained. I was shown how to massage to encourage natural drainage via the lymph nodes and it cleared up after a few weeks
  • Stock up on books,dvds or whatever - I manged to crochet a blanket (very basic)
  • My hubby does most things, but cooking isn’t his thing so I froze meals before I went in - it took my mind off it all - keeping busy! I also made cakes ready for visitors (but that’s just me ha ha) Sadly still not able to vacuum lol
  • I managed to drive after about 5 weeks and started back to work, when I was up to it after about 7 weeks, just a few hours here and there. dont rush back you need to recover form the surgey plus get better and get your head around what has happened
  • Prepared to be tired - very tired
  • It’s uncomfortable, but take the ibrobufen and parecetamol alternate 2 hours (stock up) 

I am almost 9 months post op now and more or less back to normal - hung curtains for my mum yesterday!!

I do hope that I haven’t worried you - I am sure that you will be fine, the medical staff and volunteers at my breast unit are amazing as they are countrywide.

Sorry about the overload of info - it is often the silly things we worry about, but just yell, we have all been there

Good luck



Thanks for all the kind words and helpful tips . Been shopping for my zip up bra, button pjs and clothes post op. Also bought a zip up onesie for at home to lounge about in. Roxanne t I’m having node done at the same time as mx . Fingers crossed it’s clear . Not sure how long the results take to come back

Sending all you ladies best wishes for your ops - before you know it you will be waking up, all done.


I found a grabber stick really useful once I was home to save me bending down to pick up small things.


Results take about two weeks  - remember to ask for a paper copy, you are entitled to that - and then you can re-read it at home.  Mine was high grade DCIS only.


I am waiting for my first post-op mammogram results, Thursday’s the day …


girly xxx

Good luck for tomorrow miffy. Im having mx and immediate reconstruction on monday.

All the best to you as well. Xx

Muggy glad it went ok and thinking of you tomorrow , Conor Chloe same to you too. I go Wednesday for node and Thursday for op.

That was miffy

Hi Ladies


Sincere wishes for your surgery and recovery. I had surgery in Dec ( for IDC) and found the booklet ‘Your Operation and Recovery’ very helpful. You can download it from the Home page under the following tab:


Information and Support


Then type in ‘Your operation and Recovery’


There are a lot of free  booklets that you can download and save on your device.

Hope you find this helpful


Big hugs xxx


Thank you i will take a look at that booklet. Hope all was successful for you x