High grade DCIS with micro invasion

I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS with micro invasion in November 2016 and underwent a Hadfields procedure, wide local excision, sentinel lymph node biopsy, radiotherapy and am now on Tamoxifen.  The diagnosis was a complete shock and i have had lots of ups and downs.  Is it cancer or not? Every Doctor talks about it differently.  The micro invasion through me - was that invasive cancer? Anyway I have now finished treatment except for the Tamoxifen and am hoping to return to work soon, although i will be a different person from when i left.  I don’t cry anymore and am getting over the effects of the radiotherapy but my goals and aspirations have changed, having been touched by cancer i have questionned my own morbidity and value different things to what i did 6 months ago.

As an aside has anyone with a similar diagnosis had a successful critical illness claim?

Hi Everton, glad you are feeling positive after finishing your treatment .Im not sure what micro invasion is but you could ask this question in the “Ask the nurses section”. I think you have to have a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer on the critical illness front so what this means may be important in making a claim .If you look in the moving forward after breast cancer ,money work and finance section I think there are some threads about critical illness insurance ,you could ask there too.All the best .Jill.

Hi I was diagnosed with DCIS with micro invasion.  Legal & General said if it was just DCIS it wasn’t the right type of cancer. But when the letter from the hospital said Micro Invasion they said it met their criteria. Although won’t satisfy the claim yet until the hospital verify the diagnosis letter I sent them isn’t fraudulent. These plans are a rip off really they will try and do anything not to pay.