High Grade DCIS


Am in a little shock as was told today I have high grade DCIS.

I’m 43 and very much into running which will hopefully help my head, as well as have very supportive family & close friends.

Just feel a little lost with it all! ?

Hello, just wanted to offer some support as you go through the whirlwind of initial diagnosis. I had high grade DCIS and had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 3 years ago. I am now back to running and fully fit (and have been since about 6 months after the op). Take it one day at a time, write down all your questions and don’t be afraid to use this forum for advice, the ladies on here are great! Look after yourself, Nicola x

Thank you ? … they were so lovely in the hospital, I’m just feeling a bit like my head is in the air with it all as it’s all happening so fast! Am in for an operation Tues coming and they said we’re taking it one step at a time! So happy to hear your back to running and hope your keeping well too Nicola xx

Hi mhaz sorry to hear youre in the dcis club but keep coming on this forum its very supportive.
What op are you having next week? Is it a senitel node biopsy to test your lymph nodes?

Take your time to make and decisions the nurses snd hospital realise its a big decision and will be patient.

Sounds like your running will help your mind and your physical recovery afterwards. Read the threads on here that ate relative to you tbe more you know the better prepared you can be xx

Hi Conorchloe

I’m going in to have the area taken out … I have a plan in place but they said it’s a step by step plan.

Just all a bit of a whirlwind!

Thank you for your advice, feel this is all going to be such a supportive forum to be on ?.

Sorry forgot … xx ?

Yes it is a whirlwind but please know you are not alone.
I had mastectomy and reconstruction with fat taken from my tummy to reconstruct (diep) on 5th feb. Im still sore but the end result looks amazing practically exactly the same as the other untouched side.
Its a massive shock bomb at first but listen to the professionals they know exactly what they are doing and why .
All the best lovely x

Bless you … wishing you a speedy recovery and sending well wishes xx and thank you also, feeling well supported xx

Hi Mhaz and welcome to the forum where no one wants to be!! You will find amazing support and advice here to help you through!

The worst part of this journey is always the waiting!! I had my WLE (lumpectomy) 9 days after diagnosis. You will be in good hands and your breast nurse is there to support you through it all.

My best advice to you MHaz is to write any questions down that you would like answers to and try to stay in the day. Once you get your treatment plan you will feel so much better.

Lots of love xx

Thank you Ali49

Wanted to get so much done today as am going in this Tues for my WLE but my IBS kicked in big time today so couldn’t get off the sofa!! ? I haven’t had it that bad in so long ?.

Sending you well wishes xx

The IBS will be a response to the stress you are felling Mhaz. If you have meds for it take them x

Mhaz,  good luck for tomorrow, I hope it all goes well for you.


Thank you Dizzybee ?

Felt a little all over the place today to be honest but am keeping ?all goes well (sure it will) Xx

Thinking of you for tomorrow MHaz ?

Thank you Conorchloe xx

Sitting up in bed as can’t sleep with the throbbing! Had my surgery on Tues and they said all went well , have an appointment to go back for the results and for my then next step in just under 2 weeks time… am quite anxious. My family and friends have been amazing but I’m feeling so bad that they are having to do so much for me!! At same time I’m very determined to get back to doing things so hopefully I can take the pressure off them, am worried about how they are feeling xx

Hi mhaz.
All done now lovely! Well done! The waiting is very difficult.
You sound like a very fit energetic person but you are healing now, be kind to your body and rest. Take all the pain relief you need your family wont want to see you uncomfortable and they will help you sleep. If you sleep you can do the physio and therefore you will be back to being you quicker!
Let your family help, they want to, it makes them feel useful and at the end of the day its all they can do ?
Are you out of hospital now?
Thinking of you

I’m at home so am as comfortable as I can be. Feeling quite tired so am taking things very easy.

Am hoping to go for a little stroll at the weekend which will help my head!

Thank you again so much for your support too. How are you feeling now? Hope your recovery is going really well? xx

Yes take it easy youve been through a traumatic few weeks.
Im ok and recovering slowly but well. Cleaned some kitchen cupboards, made tea and now im shattered lol so thats my lot for today.
I have possible further treatment soon i will know more on the 20th though. Need to discuss and decide.
Take care of yourself
CC xx

Really good to hear your recovering well ? … look after yourself xx