High Neutrophils Levels

I have no 5 chemo yesterday and had all the blood tests. When i got home i noticed my neutrophil count was 16. When i started the chemo it was only 5. I am now worried it’s a sign the cancer has come back somewhere else. Does anyone know about this? Could it just be another infection my body is fighting? It’s terrifying me to think that its come back somewhere in my body.



Hello Emma

Are you taking steroids?

I had a high count for my last 3 sessions of chemo and also got very worried about it until one of the chemo nurses said it was just a result of the steroids.

Try not to worry but if you’re really concerned why not call your BCN or the chemo clinic and ask them?

Take care
Love Anthi

Hi Emma

Are you on GCSF or anything? What were your neutrophils in relation to the rest of your white cell count do you know?

BTW, I have never heard of high neutrophil count being a sign of breast cancer recurrence, try not to worry about it too much.


Hi Emma,
Are you sure it is no supposed to be 1.6? I have had problems with my neutrophils count since starting chemo and the normal range (before starting any chemo) is supposed to be between 2 and 5 as far as I remember. If you started chemo, 1.6 sounds more likely. Good luck anyway,