High number of cancerous nodes

i’m back! I’ve had my left mastectomy which went a lot better than I thought it would. Had it on 16th Feb and now the dressing is removed and I’m driving again, yippee!


One thing that does worry me now is when they did the axillary node removal out of the 24 they removed 10 were cancerous and there is extracapsular (?) They are sending me for echocardiogram, bone scan, ct scan, chemo, radiotherapy and then tablets for 5 - 10 years.


Has any one else experienced a high level of cancerous nodes and this extracapsular thing and are they OK now? I suppose I am scared that it has spread and I’m seeking reassurance



Hi Rosie-Rabbit

                          I had 3 nodes affected so not high but wanted to reply rather than read and run, I was told that anything over 4 you are automatically scanned now days, I was scanned with 3 as different hospitals seem to have their own rules but anywhere will scan 4 upwards just to be sure all is okay there are a few ladies on here that I no of that had high node involvement and are quite some years from dx and I hope they see your post to reassure you , wishing you good luck with your treatment  


L x

Hi Rosie-Rabbit,
I had 8 cancerous nodes out of 17 and had ct and bone scan. CT scan and bloods are clear (which are the main things) but bone scan showed up some anomalies hence I also had MRI scan and getting the results on Monday, I’m hoping that they are just wear and tear instead of mets… xx


I only have 2 cancerous nodes (one macro, one micro) and I still had ct and bone scans.


Can I ask another question about node numbers?

Despite removing a large amount of tissue from my armpit area, they could only find and remove 6 nodes. The bcn told me that node numbers vary, and some people (like me) have few. So my question is whether it is the number of nodes affected that matters (in my case, only 2), or the percentage (in my case 33%).