High Oestrogen levels and breast cancer

I’ve just read a book called ‘homone balance’ and I’ve had some concerns that I have high levels of oestrogen - i had fibroids three years ago and had surgery to remove them. They have come back - plus I have breast cancer that is ER positive (and her2). I can’t help thinking that if I had had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed three years ago, I would have cut off my oestrogen supply and possibly not have got breast cancer. How can I find out if my oestrogen levels are too high (and pr levels too low) and has anyone made the decision to have their ovaries removed in order to remove the oestrogen and stop oestrogen dominance. I am convinced this is at the root of my problems. I don’t know whether to ask my onc whether i can take something to stop my ovaries producing oestrogen, or whether or not i should go see a gynaecologist afer my treatment and have my ovaries removed for the sake of my future health.

If anyone has any info regarding this i’d be so grateful. thanks Carrie

I’m sorry to hear your dilemma. I’m presuming you are newly diagnosed as i would have thought this would have been discussed with you.
Not sure why I’m answering as I’m hormone neg as have only knowledge gained from this site and friends!!
I was under the impression that if your bc is er+, then you start anti oestrogen treatment like tamoxifen and depending on your age - pre or post menopausal - they use zoladex implants/injections to reduce the oestrogen level once you have finished chemo and depending on the chemo you have you would also have herceptin IV on a 3 weekly basis.
Moderator - If I’m misleading Carrie in anyway then please feel free to correct me or edit my post.
Carrie - I would use the ‘ask the nurse’ service here. I’ve always found them very knowledgeable and very friendly and nice.
I’m sure others will reply who have experience of your type of cancer. I’m knowledgeable only about hormone neg and her2+++.
Good luck

Hi Carrie,

Kate is correct. I had a WLE and node biopsy 10th jan and am too ER+ and PR+. I am having radiotherapy(19 sessions) tamoxifen and zoladex to shut off the oestrogen. I am thinking of having my overies removed at the end of the zoladex (2 years) as I will still be pre menopausal and wont need them for children. Have a word with your BC nurse and oncologist I spoke to my GP about it only yesterday and he said he would look into it for me with my oncoloist. I am 39 and am too am concerned about my body producing this bloomin stuff in excess.

Good luck and hope this was some use. Shonagh xx

Hi Carrie,

I was diagnosed Dec 05 and ER+ PR+ and HER2+++ age 37.

Ive had 8 chemos, 18 herceptin, 25 rads and currently 1.5 years on tamoxifen. So far it all seems to be doing its job, (I am high risk and had loads of scans Oct last year, no evidence of any nasties) have never been offered zoladex as no bleeding or problems with tamoxifen, they like to keep it for a just in case.

I did have a chat once with my straight talking Onc re removal of ovaries, she calls it chemical castration and was very against it for me at this stage, she went through the the side effects which can be quite horrendous and once done irreversable, I guess it all comes down to path reports, genetics,prognosis, how you respond to primary treatment and how much trust you have in your Onc.

Not sure on this one but you are also HER2+++ so would it have made that much difference if you had your ovaries removed previously?

Good Luck, Debbe x

Hi Carriemitch

You may find it useful to read the Breast Cancer Care information leaflet on ovarian ablation. This can be found by following the link below:-


Also if you would like to talk this through in confidence, please contact our freephone helpline where you are able to talk with someone who has experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse, and has an excellent knowledge of these issues. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 the lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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