Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and had chemo, mastectomy, rads and reconstruction. I am on Anastrozole.

Last week I saw my surgeons registrar for my annual check up. I mentioned to her that I had been having upper back pain for over a week. She examined me and said she would book a bone scan but stated that she didn’t think it was anything serious

I had the scan on Wednesday. They did 2 scans and a CT. That is when I started to worry. Today at 1657 I had a voicemail from my BC Nurse (no phone call) that the results of my scan would be discussed at the ONC meeting next Thursday and I was not to do any heavy lifting as I am at high risk of a spinal fracture.

The BC nurse said I can contact her on Monday. I am at my wits end with worry and questions and am afraid to move now. How can they keep you hanging all weekend and probably next week too with just a voicemail?

If anyone can give me any advice I will be most grateful

Mainedrops xx

Hi charmaine_hammo<wbr>nd</wbr>

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forum  I’m sorry you haven’t received a reply yet - I’m hoping that my response will help other members see your post and share their own experiences.

Sending you our best wishes  :two_hearts:



Sorry to hear your CT results- know how you’re feeling. I was at high risk of fracture too but with hip bone mets. Last Tuesday I had a bone biopsy taken with a radioablation ( thermally cutting the tumour away) and cementation which lessens fractures occurring in future and helps with pain. It’s not a cure and possibly need radiotherapy aswell. Do know that they do this for spinal lesions too. I have spent nearly the last 2 months house bound trying to prevent a fracture- days just laid flat which is not good for you. Sending hugs.