Hiya Everyone

Great idea this, I love it! I’m starting EC tomorrow for 9 weeks, then go on to Taxol for 9 weeks. I have Triple Negative cancer and have had a lumpectomy, lymphs were clear. My friend’s are calling me Boobenstein as I have 3 scars circling my left side. :slight_smile: I had the whole hair issue, long, wavy and dyed blonde, I loved it!! I’ll be honest though, it had lost it’s life completely and so I decided to cut it off and raise money for Macmillan in the process. It’s now dark and very short, thinking of doing a Sinead O’ Conner for tomorrow though lol. It’s so thick now it’s short, it’s harder to handle! I’m also a yoga instructor and will be relying on all I know to get me through. If anyone wants any ideas for meditations etc, I’ll try and help. Good luck everyone!! Xxx

I’m in the wrong place, sorry!!! Meant to be in March 2017 starters. Me and technology. :smiley: xxx