hi all long time no see i know lol. sorry but been a hard slog. ive had my reconsttruction on 23rd april had a tram flap and was really quite ill after, but am really pleased with the result should think so after 13 hours of surgery. had a few complications after, my blood pressure went to 40 and my heamoglobyn dropped to 3 or sumthin and had to have a blood transfustion the next day.

is there anyone one here who had same op?? im wondering whether il eventually get the normal feeling back in stomach area as its still numb, and feels weird to the touch.

how is everyone else doing… i hope u are all ok

Hi Madgal

Just bumping this u for you as it looks like you have a few friends to catch up with! Glad you’re doing well after a dificult time with the op.

I had a DIEP so my stomach muscle wasn’t moved (just belly fat & artery from muscle), so I assume you had a ‘mesh’ put in to protect from hernias etc. I am interested to know how the tram flap operation ‘feels’. As I understand it, the muscle is ‘tunneled’ up into the breast area but remains connected to the tummy for it’s blood supply (is that right?). Does that make the tummy extra tight (ie, problems straightening up). I’ve taken time to ‘straighten up’ properly from the scar but imagine it must be more difficult if muscle has been stretched from bum to boob (please excuse ignorance if I’ve got that wrong!). Sorry, do you mind me asking?

Can I also please pick your brain? How long were you off work (I’ve been off 10 weeks and am starting to think about going back).

Really glad you’re pleased with your result. Please forgive all the questions, I’m just really interested in the different recovery of DIEP v Tram flap.

Hope all continues to go really well for you.

Lots of love. xx