hmm..mammo tomorrow and not sure if this is something or nothing

Mammogram tomorrow and thinking I should ring them in the morning and ask if they can squeeze me in with a consultant as well? I fell over very badly in May and at the time was only concerned about hurting my effected arm.Bc told me I’d best just keep an eye on it as it felt right and sore again.Anyway that eased and then I noticed the pain under my shoulder blades…a ripping got tearing feeling.About a fortnight later a pain under my breast in my rib, painful to the touch and can’t stretch up or reach out.At the dexa scan nurse said it could well be a fractured rib but doctors don’t do anything about that.So I didn’t see a doctor.I’m waiting for a full body scan but it’s not come through yet.Just read in Vita mag about secondary cancer sometimes showing itself as pain in back and ribs and also hip pain which I have.I know it’s only for a mammogram tomorrow but I wonder if someone will look at me there for this pain? Had presumed it was a cracked rib but not so sure now.Its Sunday so nothing I can do today.

Hi Treeze 

If your hospital is anything like mine, then the mammogram department is separate to the consultants and getting an appointment with him takes some time. Having said that ,its always worth phoning your BCN as you never know.

The worse thing is when you start reading stuff and they always relate it to BC. The reality for you is that you did have a fall, so there is a reason for the pain. And this will take some time to heal.

Maybe it’s worth going to your gp? 

The mammogram and body scan will hopefully put your mind at rest. As always, getting these tests and then results, is always the hardest part.

Sending a hug xx

Hi Sue…thanks for replying.Here, the breast care unit is a new building where mammos, biopsies and consultations are done all under one roof so I might ring them when I finish work and have a word at reception.They usually get a bc nurse to ring you straight back if you have a query.Otherwise I’ll see if I can get in with my gp.The pain in my ribs is worse this past week.

Thanks Sue…I know I’m catastrophising.I don’t even want it to be a cracked rib! I’d kick myself for doing it if it didn’t hurt! Off to summer school in less than two weeks which will be very energetic…enough to cope with with fatigue and joint pains and I want to have a dance in the evenings, not be in pain!

Hi Treeze,


I totally understand your concern, please try not to worry.


After my first mammogram (and unknown to me at the time, my recall and subsequent bc diagnosis), I fell and landed on my left breast! It all happened so quickly to even put out my hands!


I mentioned this to my team and after having an MRI to check both breasts before surgery, an area was picked up on the left (my bc was on the right), as I’d mentioned my fall I was sent for a chest x-ray, it turned out I had fractured a rib. The pain was the same as you describe. Perhaps you can request an x-ray too?


I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well.

Donna x

Hi Sue.Ok thanks.I mentioned to nurses doing mammo and they said the xray I’d had although not showing up fractured would show any punctures to lungs etc and that ribs knitting together are very painful so just to wait.Mammo was a little difficult and painful but nothing compared to some treatment.Now have to wait the 2 weeks for results!

Hi Treeze,


Glad you had your appointment today, hoping for speedy results for you.


Donna x

Thank you Donna x

Ok Treeze. Sounds like you feel abit better about it. Will you get results through post or do you have an appointment? Xx

Through the post

Hi Treeze, me dear,


How did you go on with your mammo results, and has your pain eased off any now??

Lotsa xxx’s Delly

Hi Delly…I wrote to you on the other thread on anxiety board x.yes it was a cracked rib so all healed now :slight_smile: Seem to be having a problem lately with loose bowels-yuck-thinking anastroxole irritating them.Mammo and body scan both clear!